Joel Leipner 25 Tishri 5577 (Thursday, 17 October 1816)

  • Foto: Grabstein von Joel Leipner, 25. Tischre 5577
  • Datenblatt Isidor Öhler: Joel Leipner, 25. Tischre 5577


Joel Leipner is in the Hebrew inscription (line 3) as "Torah scholar and Morenu" Torah is like referred to the "Herald was in our community for more than 30 years," one (Line 4 and 5) Timeout Magid Bkhltino more than thirty years.

Morenu literally means "u (ur) L (ehrer), H (err)". The Morenu title received only very learned men, Bernhard Wachstein called him a "synagogue Ph.D." (See Bernhard Wachstein, The inscriptions of the Old Jewish cemetery in Vienna, the first part of 1540 (?) - 1670, the second part of 1696 to 1783, Vienna in 1912, the second part, S. 15).

biographical notes

Wife: Esterli LEIPA, D. 30 March 1832

great-grandchildren: Josef Leitner Hayim, D. 18 April 1913

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