Abraham Pollak, 01 Adar 5692 (Montag, 29 February 1892)

  • Foto: Grabstein von Abraham Pollak, 01. Adar 5692
  • Datenblatt Isidor Öhler: Abraham Pollak, 01. Adar 5692
  • Datenblatt Isidor Öhler, Rückseite: Abraham Pollak, 01. Adar 5692


According to Hebrew inscription (line 4) is Abraham Pollak's son "d (it respectable) H (err) Süßkind" Ch"rr Susskind.
At the younger Jewish cemetery in Eisenstadt we find a Süßkind Pollak, who on 17 Cheshvan 5640 (Monday, 03 November 1879) has died. This is described in the grave inscription as "old and respected, revered and feared God." According to the inscription, he was also a board and head of the community.

The death and burial date is specified in the Hebrew inscription (line 5) with "dead and buried on day 2 R (osch) Ch (odesch) Adar" Died and was buried in "Maple Dr"hThis is the first Adar.

Oehler reads incorrectly as year of "623", ie Trgb instead of "652" Trnb.

As acrostic find out from line 6 - 10 his first name "Abraham" AbrahamAnd from line 11 to 15 of his last name "Pollak" Pollack, Is also found as the first word in line 6 and his first name is Abraham.

biographical notes

Sterbematriken: Abraham Pollak, Born in Mattersdorf, wh. Mattersdorf 309, distributor, d. February 28, 1892, with 69 years of pneumonia and liver damage in Mattersdorf

Wife: Katalin (Chaja) Pollak, D. March 20, 1920

Daughter: Antonia (dove) Hirsch, D. 04 October 1936

Note the very similar grave stones of the married couple!

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