Amalia Steinhof / Mirl Steinhof 14? Tishri 5669 (Friday, 09 October 1908)

  • Foto: Grabstein von Mirl, 14.? Tischre 5669
  • Datenblatt Isidor Öhler: Mose und Mirl, 12. Kislew u. 14. Tischre 5669
  • Datenblatt Isidor Öhler, Rückseite: Mose und Mirl, 12. Kislew u. 14. Tischre 5669


Since this is a double grave, both deceased received a contribution. Please also both contributed the image of the common grave stone!

Are buried nut (right inscription) and son (Left inscription), see especially on the image of the common grave marker at the top: right, "Mother" IfLeft, "and her son" And son.

is somewhat puzzling why the inscription of the mother is getting worse than those of the son. Then the mother died just two months before her son, the common grave stone is (a year later) been set with two inscriptions well.

Since the line count might otherwise be misleading, it begins for once under the Introduction "H (ier is) g (eborgen)" PT as line 1!

Line 5: The first name of the deceased is clearly visible: "Mirl" Mirel.

Line 6: "wife d (it respectable) H (err) Zvi ..." Zvi's wife so that ..., It looks as if its seen before "wife" even one letter? Follows the first name "Zvi" a last name that begins with "Sch"? A blessing I would rather exclude because of the length.

Line 7: The date is legible, only the current date is uncertain: "She passed away on 14 Tishri 669" Died on Tishrei Trst.

Update 14. 12. 2014: The difference between the date of death in the inscription and that in the parish registers (1 day) can not be explained. However, since in the Hebrew inscription M Tishri can be ruled out, we remain in the index at 09 October.

In line 8, I recognize only sure she "was dasselbst (ie in Mattersdorf) buried" And buried him.

Line 9: "[? ...] it wept for your children (sons) and all their friends" And cry that his whole life building.

Line 10 finally called her mother's name, "Fradl Chai (a)" Fradel alive ".

biographical notes

Sterbematriken (see below Comment from Carole Vogel!): Amalia (Mirl) Steinhof, D. 08 October 1908 at the age of 75 years

Father: Bernard Bauer (formerly)
Mother: Fanny Fuchs (formerly)

Husband: Henry Steinhof

Archive Jewish cemetery Mattersburg