Samuel ben Asher Margulies-Jafe 18 Nisan 5516 (= Sunday, April 18, 1756)

C-10 (Wachstein 243)

  • Grabstein Samuel ben Ascher Margulies-Jafe, 18. Nisan 5516
  • Scan Wachstein S. 61: Grabstein Samuel ben Ascher Margulies-Jafe, 18. Nisan 5516

älterer jüdischer Friedhof Eisenstadt, Sektor C

The grave inscription

Samuel When reading the name people went innocently and not because it took Fa His eulogy let his people but his actions brought honesty

Death yard run out of Baina said Father Dbsmia Lhstasaia
Son Nfsoia HH Gen. head and leader Reb officer
Samuel Bhr"r that beautiful gem
Which occurred late on foot and mentioned in his soul during Passover
Died Monday Hol date It is now clear

שMmHis nameto As the largest in the land
מGood oil out His name to Land distances
וMay Samuel educated man doing righteousness in the land
אWealth honest labor minister aboutHis nameto Endured the
לWhen Samuel prime generation to generation dignitaries Country
מSamuel demanded founded babes in the country
רOr there is Beautiful gem Lies in Israel
גMel Grace eye Beautiful Beggarly land
לA more Samuel Ramah because his name to Israel
Beautiful Today homelands day return to Israel
תFartno been missing since he went to dwell in Israel
יSeven good soul as saints in the land
פR the attributes which appeared located in a
הD. deeds will shine even Skies Faith essay


The birth of Samuel Israel Schlesinger is not known to my knowledge. It may be found in the provided in the first row in the inscription with swallows and above marked in bold three Hebrew letters: Fa, He would be dead in 83 years, ie born in 1673?

Wachstein beats for the three letters (with a question mark), the reading "Kiss of God here" in front.
"By a kiss of God" The meaning would be similar to DtnR (Deuteronomy Rabbah, Devarim Rabbah) 11.10 (alluding to the death of Moses).

In line 7.8 states: "He died on the second intermediate holiday, this bitter day, (8) n (oh the) k (linen) Z (eitrechnung)". The numerical value of It is now clear 516 results, so the death.

biographical notes

Samuel Margulies-Jafe or Samuel Israel Schlesinger, the son of immigrants from Güns Ascher Ansel b. Mordechai (Israel Marx Schlesinger)It brought about great prestige in the community. He held all sorts of honorary positions and gained twice the highest dignity that one Rosh Kahal (community leaders). As such, he led a strict regimen to prepare discipline and morals and to bring order to the shattered finances of the municipality. to play a financial role in the remote places was not granted him ... The Konskripitonsliste 1735 designated the profession Samuel Israel Schlesinger as the one belt seller. Other than a local significance could not have such trading. Nonetheless, he has left a foundation that must be described in the acquisition conditions and the monetary value of the time almost as generous. The debt service of two houses and a capital of 5000 fl should be used to teach six poor children to dress them, and if they come from another place, even to feed. ...

Samuel was with Sarl, Married the daughter of Rabbi Moses Broda, the son of the well-known scholar Abraham Broda. MosesThe son of Samuel and son Akiva Eger the Elder (s. No. 550), was the father of Poznan Chief Rabbi Akiva Eger the Younger ...

Wachstein example, The grave inscriptions ..., op 116f

Father: Israel Marx Schlesinger, gest. 29. September 1734

Brothers: Moses Schlesinger, D. 1726-1735

Wife: Sarl (Güns) Schlesinger), daughter of Moses Broda, D. 02 July 1757

Rösel Schlesinger, D. 18 July 1738

Reikel Koblenz, D. 31 January 1758

Bella Chaja Pollak, D. 23 February 1772

Ester Schlesinger, D. 12 January 1745

Son: Moses (Güns) Schlesinger, D. 31 January 1790

Ankle: Akiva Eger the Younger, chief rabbi of Posen, D. October 12, 1837 in Poznan

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