Ester woman Rafael Pollak, 26 Tishri 600 (= night of Thursday to Friday, 04 October 1839)

R-5 (Wachstein 761)

  • Grabstein Ester Frau Rafael Pollak, 26. Tischre 600
  • älterer jüdischer Friedhof Eisenstadt, Sektor R

The grave inscription


Women Bountiful First Lady M.
The officer's wife Esther twenty-fifth of Rafael Fallak
Death picked selection of dismay years
Her parents got rid of the night, and was buried on View
Friday night Kadesh RF octavo Tishrei etc.

The monument committee
This wave will testify to the serve and the end
Kosher mannered customs house
And walk humbly all her life herself skies
Rom onions to complain that what set high
Play recesses to death from immortality
Venus draws


biographical notes

, Death she pulled away in the prime of life to the pain of her parents'.
After matric she is a native of Wiesbaden and died boils at the age of 32 years.

Wachstein example, The grave inscriptions ..., supra, 233

The translated from Wachstein rate is found in line 4 (including the first word line 5) of the inscription.

Husband: Rafael Pollak, D. 02 January 1869

Son: Uriel Pollak, D. 03 July 1852

Archive of older Jewish cemetery Eisenstadt