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Arnold Adolf (Aaron) Wolf, 29 Sivan 689 (= Sunday, 07 July 1929)

Location Number: 642

  • Grabstein Wolf Adolf - 07. Juli 1929

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  • Grabstein Wolf Adolf - 07. Juli 1929

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The grave inscription

Inscription Adolf Wolf: Line righteous transcription and translation
[1] H (ier is) {Levite Krug} b (egraben) P {pitcher of prisoners} v
[2] an old, revered and respected man. Dear old and venerable old man
[3] A scion of a noble family of decent people and nobles. Scion happen, decent and noble
[4] The high-ranking men and elect the community gehö (rte) he many years. Champion and read community tenth few years
[5] He supported his useful right school for the education of boys, Retaining the right to inaugurate the school were right boys
[6] to lead them to the sources of wisdom and science. Administer the wellsprings of wisdom and science.
[7] Even as his possession relished and its share had become well-pleasing, Although Spree inheritance and share a good time
[8] he did not go the way of pride to be effeminate by pleasure. Not a great move savor delights
[9] Modesty and humility, he went the way of justice and honesty, Walk humbly answer was right and honest way
[10] d (s laudable) H (err), the raised and praised Einlussreiche, Messrs exalted and glorious officer
[11] d (s ehrenhafte) H (err) Aaron Wolf See "crazy, Twenty-fifth of Aaron Wolf S"gl
[12] Son of the famous, respected and Son of the famous Governor
[13] e (lead adhere) H (err) Leib Wolf Se "gal, a (uf it is) F (riede). Twenty-fifth of Liv Wolf S"gl h
[14] He died at the age of 92 years He died at a ripe old age ZB years
[15] Bad Ischl 29 Siwan Ischgl bath experience on fees
[16] and was brought to the graves of his fathers And transported to the graves of his ancestors
[17] 2 N (eu) m (OND) t (ag) Tammus the year 689 n (ah) K (linen) Z (eitrechnung). On Monday Dr"h Tammuz of T"rf"t octavo
[18] S (a) S (Eele) m (ÖGE be involved) i (m Confederation) d (it lives). Tntzbh
[19] His mother's name was Rebecca, a (uf it was) F (riede). And his mother Rebecca h


Inscription Adolf Wolf socket: Line righteous transcription and translation
[1] Adolf Wolf
[2] November 27, 1837 - July 7, 1929


Line 2: Isaiah 9,14 Old and venerable.

Line 4: 1.16 numbers Reads (K: read) community.

Line 5: See. Isaiah 41:10 "... and lead you with my right hand helpful" ... Although Tmctic right Sidqi:.

Line 6: See. Isaiah 49:10 "... and it leads to bubbling springs" ... and the water springs Inhlm.

Line 7: See. Psalm 16.6 "on a lovely country fell to me my share. I really like "Yes, my heritage. Buber-Rosenzweig: "String Dimensions fell to me in the Mildigkeit, well, graceful is my own I fell ropes delights me even a thing of the Spree, This verse (s. Also comments on the site) should clearly indicate this on the economic success of Adolf Wolf, but it - as can be seen in line 8 - still had to work hard.

Line 9: See. Micha 6.8 "... and modest walk the path with your God" ... and walk humbly with thy God:, S. to Babylonian Talmud, tractate Sukkot 49b and see. Makkot 24a "... (that is), give escort a deceased person and perform a bride under the canopy '. Now it can be concluded (by a circuit) of Lighter on the more difficult: when the Torah of things that maintain public to be done, said, and modest to go ', how much more true this is of things that are done in secret ... " ... This removal of the dead and the introduction of non-bridal canopy and KW things and what things make them publicly said through which the walk humbly turn things through which to do them in Sanaa on how much ....

See. Isaiah 26.7 "The path of the righteous is just ..." Host righteous Meisharim ....

Line 14: 1Ch 29.28 Good old age u.a.

biographical notes

Adolf Wolf, 86 Jahre, am Geburtstag 27. November 1923

27 on the birthday of Adolf Wolf November, 86 1923
Wolf E., The Wolf family, Vienna 1924, dirt side

Arnold Adolf (Aaron) Wolf, Born in Eisenstadt on 27 November 1837 (Geburtsmatriken, su, Mother: Regina instead of pink, like his brother Ignaz); Parish Council in Eisenstadt, with rabbi Dr. Esriel Hildesheimer Founder of Eisenstadt elementary school Handelskammerrat in Sopron (Sopron), founder and Management Board of Eisenstadt Savings Bank and the Waagtaler sugar factories in AG; Kaufmann (Leopold Wolf's sons u. M. Bauer) (s. Wolf E., The Wolf family, Vienna 1924, 89f). Adolf Wolf died at 92 in Bad Ischl, is mentioned as well as in the Hebrew grave inscription (the "Salzburg Chronicle"Mentions the death of Adolf Wolf short).

Matriken Geburt Arnold Adolf Wolf

Parish registers of birth Arnold Adolf Wolf

father: Leopold Wolf, D. 11 January 1866, buried at the older Jewish cemetery in Eisenstadt
Mother: Rosa Wolf, Born Sharpener, D. 16 February 1882

Wife: Minna Gomperz, Go. 20 November 1861

Kathi (Elka / Elki) Spitzer, D. 26 January 1885

Therese (Resl) Wolf, D. In Neudörfl 11 January 1909

Fanny Pollak, D. 12 August 1884,

K/Caroline Stadler, D. 10 March 1900

Lisi Schleiffer, Gest. in Keszthely 13. Juli 1887,

Adele (Edel) Latzko, D. October 20, 1870, buried in the older Jewish cemetery in Eisenstadt

Hanni Kauders, D. 19 January 1892

Ignaz (Esriel) Wolf
, D. 18 January 1906

Ernst, Born September 30, 1862 in Eisenstadt, died 131 May 23, 1935 in Vienna I, Seilerstätte 16, from heart paralysis and pneumonia, buried on 26 May 1935 at the Central Cemetery of Vienna 51/1/6. wh: Wien I, Seilerstaette 16; Realschule Sopron, extraordinary items. Listeners the University of Vienna, formerly a member of the county Congregation Trencsin. Virilist in Sopron County, Vice President of the Austrian Wine Dealers Association, member of the Residence Club Vienna and the Union Club Budapest. Member of the company M. Bauer, Vienna (1885) and Leopold Wolf's sons, Eisenstadt (1901), founder and vice president of Waagtaler sugar Fabriks AG in Trencsin-Tepla (1900); go. August 14, 1887 in Vöslau near Vienna (IKG entered II) Emma Mauthner (geb. 01. Juni 1867 Wien als Tochter des 1839 in Kittsee geborenen Lederfabrikanten, Hausbesitzers und Gesellschafter der Firma Brüder Mauthner & Co. in Wien und Budapest, Julius Mauthner, geb. 03./04. Jänner 1839, gest. 19. Dezember 1906 in Wien, begraben am Zentralfriedhof Wien 51/1/5, und der Johanna Pollaczek aus Kolin (Böhmen), gest. 30. April 1925 Wien IX, Sanatorium Löw an Magenkrebs, Operation, Herzschwäche, begraben am 01. Mai 1925 am Zentralfriedhof Wien 51/1/16),
(Informationen über Emma Mauthner aus: Gaugusch Georg, Wer einmal war. Das jüdische Großbürgertum Wiens 1800-1938, L-R, Wien 2016, 2192f; die Informationen über Ernst Wolf aus: Wolf E., Die Familie Wolf, Wien 1924)

Matriken Geburt Ernst Wolf

Matriken Geburt Ernst Wolf

Matriken Hochzeit Ernst Wolf und Emma Mauthner

Matriken Hochzeit Ernst Wolf und Emma Mauthner

Ernst Wolf ist übrigens der Herausgeber des im Eigenverlag erschienenen (und oben zitierten) Buches „Die Familie Wolf“, Wien 1924, in dem er im Vorwort schreibt:

… will ich als ältester Enkel in der männlichen Linie ein Familienregister der Nachkommen unseres Großvaters Leopold Wolf und seiner Gattin Rosa, geb. Spitzer aufstellen und in Druck legen lassen.
Es ist in der heutigen Zeit, in der man uns als Fremde und Zugewanderte anfeindet, von sehr großer Bedeutung, dass wir unsere Bodenständigkeit in Mitteleuropa durch drei Jahrhunderte nachweisen können. Wir haben eine Reihe von bedeutenden Ahnen und auch diejenigen unter uns, die aus Mischehen stammen, können auf diese Vorfahren mit Stolz zurückblicken.

Noch mehr Informationen zu Adolf, seinem Bruder Ignaz, seinem Sohn Ernst und seinem Neffen Sandor Wolf, lesen Sie in unserem Blogartikel „Nathan und die Wölfe von Eisenstadt„.

Leopold, geb. 31. Oktober 1869 in Eisenstadt, geh. 1910, Namensänderung auf Wolf-Gomperz im Jahre 1912, geh. 17. April 1916 Else Fuchs (Tochter von Hermann Fuchs und Charlotte, geb. Mandl) in Wien (Magistratsheirat, Braut: konfessionslos!), angezeigt im Stadttempel Wien, 1. Zeuge war Bruder Ernst, gest. 02. Dezember 1918 in Wien

Matriken Geburt Leopold Wolf

Matriken Geburt Leopold Wolf

Matriken Hochzeit Leopold Wolf und Else Fuchs

Matriken Hochzeit Leopold Wolf und Else Fuchs

Material und Maße des Grabsteins

Diorit, 250/83/60

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