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Minna (ward) Wolf, 19 Cheshvan 5666 (= Friday, November 17, 1905)

Location Number: 641

  • Grabstein Wolf Minna - 17. November 1905

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  • Grabstein Wolf Minna - 17. November 1905

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The grave inscription

Inscription Minna Wolf: Line righteous transcription and translation
[1] H (ier is) b (egraben) Penn
[2] the noble woman, the perfect mistress, Dear woman, a perfect lady,
[3] the crown of her husband and the pride of their children. Crown of her husband, and the glory of sons
[4] She came from the aristocratic house Homeland aristocratic family home
[5] Gompertz, gamfirtts
[6] Mrs. Ward, a (uf it was) F (riede) Mrs. Mindel h
[7] Wife of Prince, The Governor's wife
[8] d (it honest) H (err) Aaron Wolf Halevy, s (a light) m (ÖGE light). Twenty-fifth of Aaron Wolf Halevi, Frost
[9] One that was called happy among the daughters, noble among women, with Bountiful heart and mind for their children. מVisa girls, יHappened in women NedThe Return לIn the spirit of building,
[10] she was closely associated with members of their family, the nobles of Israel, their relatives. Adhered to the noble soul to her family in Israel soon
[11] With a strong right hand, they increased the energy, honestly she helped all the days of their lives. And given the right oz Force helped faithful all her life,
[12] With eager hands she made good and demonstrated solidarity against any she met. And worketh willingly with her hands goodness and mercy to all fight it,
[13] They stayed in honor to the ways of her house, in two ways: Sophia walks atop her honor twice,
[14] It rose up her children and her husband and praised her as a woman and mother. Sons rise and praise her husband and works shall praise her womb Rhmtim,
[15] Her father's name was Jacob Mordechai, s (a souvenir) (preserving ÖGE) m, Her father Jacob Mordecai
[16] and her mother's name was Ester, a (uf it was) F (riede). Where her mother Esther AH
[17] She died in the city of Abbazia 66 years A daughter died in the city Abatzia SW ago
[18] on Friday, d (em before) d (it holy) S (Chabbat), 19th Cheshvan. Friday As"k S Cheshvan
[19] She was taken to the grave here on Monday And transportation tombs here on Monday
[20] "We Destroy, verni (chtet)" and was buried the next day in honor and with the wailing, And was buried in the graveyards of dignity and Naha wailing lament '
[21] on Tuesday, 23 Cheshvan of the year 666 n (ah) K (linen) Z (eitrechnung). On Tuesday, W. Cheshvan of challenges to octavo
[22] (Be involved ÖGE) I (hre) S (Eele) m i (m Confederation) d (it lives). Tntzbh

The grave inscription

Inscription Minna Wolf: Line righteous transcription and translation
[1] Minna Wolf born gomperz
[2] 4. Mai 1842 – 17. November 1905.
[2] 4Friedländer & Deutsch Wien


Line 3: Proverbs 12.4 Crown of her husband.

See. Proverbs 17.6 "... the glory of children are their fathers" ... and the glory of sons their fathers.

Line 9: Acrostic: The first letter of the first word and third, the first two letters of the fifth word and the first letter of the sixth word give the Hebrew name of the deceased (ward).

Line 10: See. Psalm 63.9 "My soul clings to you Adhered to mind after you ....

Exodus 24,11 Nobles of the children of Israel.

Line 12: Proverbs 31:13 And worketh willingly with coercion, S. for the comment of Hirsch sought "It was the hard work and the activity itself you, they demanded material to prepare him with the desire of their hands ... Kapajim are in fact not working, creating, but closed or content. enclosing hands. Your hands could not rest, and when they were closed in peace, 'longing' they are for work that is Object constraint (Samson Raphael Hirsch, Siddur. Israel's prayers, Zurich-Basel 1992, 287).

See. Psalm 86.5 "Lord, you are kind ... for all who call to you, full of grace" That you are good sleepers ... with grace all Kraic.

Line 13: Proverbs 31.27 Sophia walks home ....

See. Jeremiah 17:12 "A throne of glory ..." Merom honorary chair.

Deuteronomy 17.6 According years and others; lit .: "the measure of two"; Here the care of children and husband is probably meant.

Line 14: Richter 5,30 Womb Rhmtim lit .: "woman, two women" (actually "womb"). The quote was perhaps chosen because the grammatical form of the dual Rhmtim want to associate the mother of two; therefore translation variant, "as a woman and mother of two"

Line 17: SW (Sic!). It should SG be written, probably engraving error since Minna Wolf died at 63 and not 66 years.

Line 20: Micha 2,4 And Naha wailing became, However, the vocalization in the inscription is not entirely correct.

biographical notes

Minna (Mine, Mündel) Wolf, Born Gomperz on 04 May 1842 in Waag-Neustadtl, d. November 17, 1905 in Abbazia after a short illness (s. Obituary u.). Minna Wolf was buried on 21 November 1905 in Eisenstadt.

Sterbeanzeige Minna Wolf

Obituary Minna Wolf (Neue Freie Presse, November 23, 1905)

father: Jakob Moriz Gomperz, Born December 24, 1811, d. January 15, 1876 in Brno
mother: Netty Latzko, Waag-Neustadtl, died. July 1848

Little genealogical digression:
The great-grandmother Jakob Moriz GomperzMs Anna Miriam, is the granddaughter of Samson Wertheimer! But one after anonther":

Jakob Gomperz Maurice, son of Loeb (Lion) Gomperz died. 1849, son of Benedict Neumegen-Pressburg, d. 1825, son of Elias Nymwegen, d. Ca. 1755, Miriam, born Wertheimer 1724 in Vienna, d. 07 May 1776 in Vienna, daughter of Loeb Wertheimer, d. February 12, 1763 in Vienna, son of Samson Wertheimer, born January 17, 1658 in Worms, d. 06 August 1724 in Vienna.

husband: Adolf Wolf, Go. Nov. 20, 1861, d. 07 July 1929

Ernst, Born September 30, 1862 in Eisenstadt, died 131 May 23, 1935 in Vienna I, Seilerstätte 16, from heart paralysis and pneumonia, buried on 26 May 1935 at the Central Cemetery of Vienna 51/1/6. wh: Wien I, Seilerstaette 16; Realschule Sopron, extraordinary items. Listeners the University of Vienna, formerly a member of the county Congregation Trencsin. Virilist in Sopron County, Vice President of the Austrian Wine Dealers Association, member of the Residence Club Vienna and the Union Club Budapest. Member of the company M. Bauer, Vienna (1885) and Leopold Wolf's sons, Eisenstadt (1901), founder and vice president of Waagtaler sugar Fabriks AG in Trencsin-Tepla (1900); go. August 14, 1887 in Vöslau near Vienna (IKG entered II) Emma Mauthner (Born 01 June 1867 Vienna as the daughter who was born in Kittsee 1839 leather manufacturer, landlord and partner of the firm Mauthner Brothers & Co. in Vienna and Budapest, Julius Mauthner, Born 03./04. January 1839, 19 December 1906 d. In Vienna, buried at the Central Cemetery of Vienna 51/1/5, and the Johanna Pollaczek from Kolin (Czech), d. April 30, 1925 Vienna IX, Sanatorium Löw from stomach cancer, surgery, heart failure, buried on 01 May 1925 at the Central Cemetery of Vienna 51/1/16)
(Information about Emma Mauthner from: Gaugusch George, who once was. The Jewish haute bourgeoisie of Vienna 1800-1938, LR, Vienna 2016, 2192f; the information about Ernst Wolf from: Wolf E., The Wolf family, Vienna 1924)

Matriken Geburt Ernst Wolf

Parish registers of birth Ernst Wolf

Matriken Hochzeit Ernst Wolf und Emma Mauthner

Parish registers wedding Ernst Wolf and Emma Mauthner

Ernst Wolf is actually the editor of the published self-published (and cited above) the book "The Family Wolf", Vienna 1924, in which he writes in the preface:

... I want to born as the eldest grandson in the male line, a family register of the descendants of our grandfather Leopold Wolf and his wife Rosa, Spitzer up and let add pressure.
It is in this day and age in which one hostile to us as strangers and immigrants, very important that we can demonstrate our earthiness in Central Europe through three centuries. We have a number of important ancestors, and even those of us who come from mixed marriages can look back on these ancestors proud.

Leopold, Born .. October 31, 1869 in Eisenstadt, go in 1910, name change to Wolf Gomperz in 1912, go 17 April 1916 Else Fuchs (daughter of Hermann Fuchs and Charlotte, born Mandl) in Vienna (Municipal marriage, bride, religious affiliation!) displayed in the temple city of Vienna, the first witness was brother Ernst, b. 02 December 1918 in Vienna

Matriken Geburt Leopold Wolf

Birth register books Leopold Wolf

Matriken Hochzeit Leopold Wolf und Else Fuchs

Parish registers wedding Leopold Wolf and Fox Else

Material and dimensions of the grave stone

Diorit, 250/83/60

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