Starting a small series: Starting from Trieste a trip to the Jewish cemeteries in 4 cities in Friuli and two former Italian cities, which are now in Croatia.
We begin in Fiume / Rijeka, where the Jewish cemetery in Cosala, an elevated district, located on the site of the municipal cemetery.

It was a special experience to meet like when entering the Jewish cemetery on familiar names, Mattersdorfer, Sharpener and Neufeld, Wernsdorfer and Hess from Eisenstadt, Wohlmuth from Rechnitz, Monath, Oppenheim and Epstein from Vienna, etc. But very quickly, the dramatic story was clearly behind many of these grave stones. Hardly a family in which no parents, siblings, children or grandchildren were murdered in the Holocaust. Most deportation over Trieste was made to Auschwitz.

So we do not know though, where the The family "Mattersdorfer"(Later changed their names on individual offspring" Mattei ") were (as expected) from Western Hungary, today Burgenland, namely Schlaining where Antonio (Elkan) Mattersdorfer was born. 1854 We also know that the family was considered a significant family in Fiume / Rijeka. Anton (Elhanan son of Benjamin Seev) Mattersdorfer was with Rabbi Adolfo Gerloczi founder of the Chevra Qadischa the community friends. With his wife Ernestina he had several children. Why Ernestina often with the maiden name "Sharpener"Is mentioned, we could not find in the Hebrew inscription we read in any case"Ester, daughter of Zvi Mattersdorfer„.

Both sons of the couple were murdered in the Shoah. Alfredo Mattersdorfer in Auschwitz, his brother Carlo Felice Mattersdorfer in Buchenwald, Wife Elsa Sachs and his little daughter Liliana were also killed in Auschwitz.

Antonios brother Enrico / Heinrich MattersdorferMarried itself with Olga Spitzer, Had two sons who both had wives from Vienna or Klosterneuburg.

At the Jewish cemetery of Fiume / Rijeka we also find the grave of Gabriele (Ella) Monath, as Gabriele Regina Oppenheim was born in Vienna on April 28 1870th Even their parents, Sigmund Oppenheim and Anna Goldstein, Married in 1865 in Baden near Vienna. Gabriele's husband Ignazio months (h), Born 1869 in Malacka (Slovakia), was deported from Trieste to Auschwitz and murdered on his arrival in Auschwitz.

Or the grave of the Bohemian wine merchant Bernhard (Berl) Ruzicka, D. 1938, which was born in 1900 in Vienna in Vienna in 1881 Olga Gewitsch marries. son Paul Ruzicka comes in 1902, also in Vienna, to the world.

We brought photos of 71 grave stones of the Jewish cemetery in Fiume / Rijeka (in the new category "Souvenir / Souvenirs").
Perhaps noteworthy: All inscriptions are either in Hebrew, German, Italian or Hungarian language, often monolingual, often multilingual.
We have transcribed all Hebrew inscriptions, translated and read Synagogalnamen and death dates. In almost all cases, we received this fact that a correct date of death. This involves not only the necessary analysis of the history of the Jews, it is primarily a matter, not to mention the names and people behind these names ...

Join us to explore the Jewish cemetery of Fiume / Rijeka and write us a small piece of Jewish history Eisenstadt continues: The significant Wine shop "Leopold Wolf's sons" founded a branch in Fiume 1890th