On the occasion of the plan, a memorial stone for Regine Sprinzeles to set up in Vienna, we received a request for verification of their birth dates.

Regine Sprinzeles was deported on May 12, 1942, the transport 20 from Vienna to Izbica, Krasnystaw, Lublin in Poland and murdered in the Shoah (Shoah victims in the central database of Yad Vashem).

Listed as a victim in the Regine Sprinzeles the Documentation Center of Austrian Resistance DatabaseWhere it is stated that she was born in Mattersburg on 26 July. 1877

But let's start with her father:

In the Jewish cemetery of Mattersdorf / -burg also the grave of was Albert (Naftali) Sprinzeles, D. 15 April 1884, From this grave there is unfortunately only the photo (on the reasons reported our article "The Lost grave stones"), Which we put online already of 2010.

Wife of Abraham (Naftali) Sprinzeles, Born in Mikulov: Lina Hirsch, Born in Mattersdorf, go on Feb. 26, 1868 in Mattersdorf.:

Matrikeneintrag Hochzeit Albert Sprinzeles und Lina Hirsch, 26. Februar 1868 in Mattersdorf

Matrikeneintrag wedding Albert Sprinzeles and Lina Hirsch, February 26, 1868 in Mattersdorf

The couple Abraham (Naftali) and Lina Sprinzeles Hirsch had three children, two sons and a daughter:

Katharina Sprinzeles, geb. 08. Juli 1876 in Mattersdorf, geh. 20. April 1898 in Mattersdorf Khos Hersch Kikes, Born September 29, 1871 (in KrystynopelPolish name for Chervonohrad, Ukraine today), Son of Mendel Kikes and the Dresel N. N.
Daughter of Catherine Sprinzeles and Koh Hersch Kikes: Helene Kikes born, December 16, 1899 in Vienna.

Bernath Sprinzeles, Born February 28, 1873 in Mattersdorf

but we focus on Son Henry (Abraham) Sprinzeles, The husband of the requested Regine Hirsch, married. Sprinzeles:

Heinrich (Abraham) Sprinzeles, Born religious teacher, December 27, 1868 in Mattersdorf, died January 22, 1941 at the Hospital of the Jewish Community Vienna XVIII, home address. Herminengasse 15, funeral Date: January 24, 1941. The funeral was paid by the ICG:

Wife of Henry (Abraham) Sprinzeles: Regina (Rifke) Hirsch, born July 26, 1877 in Mattersdorf, Daughter of Moritz Hirsch and the born Rosi, deer:

Matrikeneintrag Geburt Regina Hirsch, 26. Juli 1877 in Mattersdorf

Matrikeneintrag birth Regina Hirsch, July 26, 1877 in Mattersdorf

The marriage of Henry (Abraham) Sprinzeles and Regina (Rifke) Hirsch took place on 20 December 1905 in Mattersdorf:

Matrikeneintrag Hochzeit Heinrich Sprinzeles und Regina Hirsch, 20. Dezember 1905 in Mattersdorf

Matrikeneintrag wedding Heinrich Sprinzeles and Regina Hirsch, December 20, 1905 in Mattersdorf

Regina (Rifke) Sprinzeles born, Hirsch, was murdered in the Shoah (see above)!

Heinrich (Abraham) Sprinzeles and Regine (Rifke) Hirsch had three children, two daughters and a son:

Univ-Prof. Dr. Herta Sprinzeles, verh. Spencer-Laszlo, Born 05 September 1910 in Vienna. Emigrated to London in 1942 to the United States, one of the leading nutritional and metabolic pioneers of medical research. Herta Spencer Laszlo died in 2007 in Riverdale, NY.
About Herta Sprinzeles, married. Spencer Laszlo more information Memorial Book for the Victims of National Socialism at the University of Vienna, is honored in detail Herta Spencer Laszlo as "Medical Pioneer in Human Metabolism and Nutrition" in "Jewish Women's Archive“ auf der Website des Jewish Welcome Service, There, however, with the wrong date of birth (1911 instead of 1910).

Matrikeneintrag Geburt Herta Sprinzeles, 05. September 1910 in Wien

Matrikeneintrag birth Herta Sprinzeles 05 September 1910 in Vienna

Martha Sprinzeles, married. Even (Nice), Born August 02, 1914 in Vienna, emigrated to London, go. 1941 in London Leo already (Nice).
More information about Martha Sprinzeles in Memorial Book for the Victims of National Socialism at the University of Vienna.

Matrikeneintrag Geburt Martha Sprinzeles, 02. August 1914 in Wien

Matrikeneintrag birth Martha Sprinzeles 02 August 1914 in Vienna

Dr. Emil Sprinzeles later Lehmann, Name change on 30 June 1932 by Sprinzeles in Lehmann born, 06 August 1907 in Mattersdorf, go. 04 June 1933, Vienna Marianne Dyer, Daughter of Gustav dyers and the Gisella Manaberger, The marriage was dissolved on 09 December 1940th Emigration to the United States via London, died. In 1999.
Here one "Oral history interview with Dr. Emil Lehmann"Recorded about 1979 (audio, English / German)!

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