On 8 January 2019, a "Stone of Remembrance" was for Wilhelm Goldschmidt revealed. The Rapid lace and many celebrities were present, the media reported (eg derstandard).

Wilhelm Goldschmmidt was deported on June 5, 1942, the transport 25 from Vienna to Poland and murdered in the Shoah.

Stein der Erinnerung für Wilhelm Goldschmidt

Stone of Remembrance for Wilhelm Goldschmidt

Those: Facebook page of SK Rapid

Rapid celebrating its 120 years of existence, on the club site we find the revelation of the "stone of remembrance" at least as one of the most important activities in this anniversary year.

The then secretary of the club, Wilhelm GoldschmidtIt that on January 8, 1899 the first Vienna Workers Football Club was Rapid Sport Club renamed. Moreover, unfortunately we know little about Wilhelm Goldschmidt.

Therefore, we have homemade on a search and found inter alia, that his father from German Kreutz came from, but first things first:

Henry Goldsmith (Sic!), Upper Offizial of the Jewish community, born March 1845 (as in the death register entry, see below; in the Geburtsmatriken of German Kreutz we find Ignatz Gold Schmid, born 01 August 1847!) In German Kreutz, son of Carl Goldschmied and the Catti CroatiaBoth parents live in Vienna, Vienna resident Rossau, Porzellangasse 22, married on 17 February 1878 in Puklitz (Czech Republic) Julye Pokorny, Born January 01, 1847, daughter of Jacob Pokorny and the Juditha OrnsteinBoth died from Puklitz. Henry was at the wedding 32 years old, Julye 31 years, both single.

Hochzeit Heinrich Goldschmied und Julye Pokorny, 17. Feburar 1878 in Puklitz, eingetragen in Iglau

Wedding Henry Goldsmith and Julye Pokorny, 17 February 1878 in Puklitz, registered in Jihlava

Julye Goldschmidt born, Pokorny, died on April 28, 1909 in Vienna II, Rembrandt 19, Heinrich Goldschmidt died on July 11, 1914 in Vienna IX, Müllnergasse 3. Julye and Henry are at the Central Cemetery of Vienna, Gate I shared buried (Group 051, series 010, grave 004).

Heinrich Goldschmidt and Julye Pokorny had their son

Wilhelm Goldschmidt, Born July 22, 1880 in Brno:

Geburt Wilhelm Goldschmidt, 22. Juli 1880 in Brünn

Birth Wilhelm Goldschmidt, July 22, 1880 in Brno

Wilhelm Goldschmidt, accountant, born in Brno, in charge to Vienna, married on June 23, 1907 City Temple in Seitenstettengasse 4 in Vienna Elsa Herzog, Born March 24th, 1885 in Vienna, responsible for Zombor, Hungary, daughter of Moriz Herzog, Merchant's assistant from Großszombor in Hungary, and the Netti Werner, Resident of Vienna IX, Alserbachstraße 22nd

Wilhelm Goldschmidt was murdered in the Shoah (see above), his wife died in Greater London 1968th

Wilhelm Goldschmidt and Elsa Duke had their son

Heinrich Goldschmidt, Born January 16, 1922 in Vienna II, Great Schiffgasse 22 Heinrich Goldschmidt was able to emigrate in 1938 to Palestine / Israel and died on 26 Elul 5765 = September 30, 2005. He is in Rishon Letsion, Israel, begraben, Striking that the date of birth is indicated at the grave stone with 1921 (see below) but in the birth register 1,922th
Father Wilhelm is called in the grave inscription Se'ev (equivalent Wilhelm), mother: Elsa.
Heinrich Goldschmidt's wife Chaia Goldschmidt died of 2010.

Geburt Heinrich Goldschmidt, 16. Jänner 1922 in Wien

Birth Heinrich Goldschmidt, January 16, 1922 in Vienna

Thanks to Orit Lavi, Israel!