During the seven communities, thus the famous seven sacred Jewish communities in former esterházyschem territory, are widely known, the Jewish community Neufeld an der Leitha leads more or less a shadowy existence.
The community Neufeld founded in 1648-1653 by Franz von Nádasdy is one of the few still existing villages whose origins go back to a Jewish settlement. Neufeld is situated on the Lower Austrian limit Ebenfurth is only separated by a bridge.
This is not about the exciting and varied history of the Jews in NeufeldBut to the neighboring Pottendorf. Not only do we read in Urbar Pottendorf 1668 of 17 named Jewish owners of a total of 11 houses in Neufeld and a chamber visitation of customs offices described the rain border traffic in the same year:

Between Raab, Bruck an der Leitha, Komarno and Eisenstadt, Kittsee, Rajka, Kobersdorf, Pottendorf and Neufeld here a Jewish microcosm emerges, within which not only goods were moved from one place to another, but also people traveling across borders , made contacts and fought out conflicts.

Reinhard Buchberger, from transit visas and oneself settling down. Jews in early modern Hungary

In Pottendorf Jakob Berchtold put Baron to and from Hungarian contactor already in 1635 a new Jewry Affected by Land Registry, in the three constituent Jews (Jews lease) and 22 Herberg Jews were listed by name.

At a major event occurred in Pottendorf on 17 January 1641, the day of St. Anthony the Hermit, as a Jewish woman and her daughter were baptized.

then a Jewish baptism caused a sensation and was regarded as a glorious triumph of the Christian faith. also for participating in such a soul-saving was considered very meritorious. No wonder if the sponsors (Godln) belonged to the highest Pottendorfer society. The sponsors of the Jewish woman was Regina Katharina Berchtoldin Ungar contactor and the woman manager Katharina Neuperin. On behalf of Mrs. Regina Berchtoldin the owner of the red court 'and imperial captain Mrs Regina smoke from smoke Berg came. Godl the little daughter was Mrs. Christine Baumgartnerin marriage landlady of Ulrich Baumgartner, Marktrichter in Pottendorf. Accordingly, the name of the Jewess godmothers were named Regina Catherine and the child the name Christine.

Rudolf Hertzka, chronicle the large village Pottendorf, Pottendorf 1989 322

Taufe Pottendorf 17. Jänner 1641

Baptism Pottendorf 17 January 1641

The 17 dito is a Jew sambt her child was taufft Gevater Leut be gewest Fraw Catharina Neüpaurin vnd woman nurse Regina Rauchin anstat your vnd wife Regina Catharina Perchtoldin vnd vnd is for your genent Regina Catharina Kindß Gefaterin Criustina dess Paumgartnerin Judge Cristina vnd genent.

Not surprising at this time that rarely details of the parents are made from Jews baptisms.

Already, 10 days later, on January 27, 1641, there was the next rare spectacle for the Pottendorfer: The newly baptized Jew married unmarried Christian journeyman Sebastian Rauscher:

Trauung Sebastian Rauscher und Regina Catharina, getraufter Jüdin, Pottendorf, 27. Jänner 1641

Wedding Sebastian Rauscher and Regina Catharina, getraufter Jewish, Pottendorf, January 27, 1641

27 Is copuliert been an unmarried gesel getauffter with Regina Catharina Jewish Sebastian Rauscher.

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