2017 Günther Havranek founded the association "Save the Jewish cemetery Währing". Spokesperson of the association is Dr.in Jennifer Kickert. In the Declaration of Principles states, inter alia:

The association "Save the Jewish cemetery Währing" has set itself the goal of supporting the Jewish Community of Vienna with the necessary remedial measures. For that donations are collected, set up a small museum, organized volunteer work to reduce plant growth and organizes regular tours to raise public awareness of this so important place in Vienna.

The Austrian Jewish Museum in Eisenstadt is happy to support the club, especially when in addition to the planned restructuring measures and a really serious and long overdue, thorough work-up of this famous cemetery, that of a unique document of the Viennese culture, art, economy and society in the period Biedermeier is going.

In concrete terms means that we successively the Hebrew grave inscriptions (there are thousands of them), transcribe and translate also possible, but in any case the most important data is read out.

Already in 2012 the way Traude Triebel has all the death books of the Jewish Community relating to the Jewish cemetery Währing (Vienna) worked up, see our blog article "New database with approximately 29,000 entries 1784-1879„.

A happy coincidence was yesterday that I just looking at the picture of that grave stone, as the title picture for the Facebook site the association is used to read "by the inhabitants of Eisenstadt" and me then the inscription have looked closer. A first beautiful example about the close relationship between Eisenstadt and Vienna:

Heinrich (Zvi Hirsch) Janowitz, 14 Av 626 (= Thursday, July 26, 1866)

Grabstein Heinrich (Zvi Hirsch) Janowitz, gest. 14. Menachem Av 626 = Donnerstag, 26. Juli 1866, Foto: Jennifer Kickert

Grave stone Heinrich (Zvi Hirsch) Janowitz, died 14 Menachem Av 626 = Thursday, July 26, 1866, Photo ©:. Jennifer Kickert

The grave inscription

Inscription HeinrichJanowitz: Line righteous transcription and translation
[1] H (ier is) b (egraben) Here lies
[2] d (he expensive) M (ann), the Outstanding, very lofty, H'h very exalted exalted
[3] d(er) e(hrbare) H(err) Zvi Hirsch Harar Tzvi Hersh
[4] S (ohn the) wonderful Rabbinical, Morenu James Janowitz B'hrbni wonderful Mo'h Ya'akov Ianaooittz
[5] d of the population (s sacred Jewish) G (emeinde) Eisenstadt. Msushbi QC eyzenshtadt
[6] S (a soul) g (ing away) on 14 Menachem Av I'n pretty Av
[7] of the year Year
[8] than him "Torn Will" (= 5626) came. The cuts came about
[9] This is) this
[10] a memorial stone at the burial of an expensive man, tender and sweet. Man expensive gravestone soft
[11] The days of his years were few and bad. Years of my life were few and evil
[12] Initially wa (r) his lot shiny and full of light, Firstly fate tenth acknowledge and Nahor
[13] but at the end of the youth it was bitter and bloody. But the aftermath Menon Mr. Naor
[14] From the rest of his life he was cut off yet, in its prime Unplug cords vitality still Babu
[15] In his death all his worries and pains were taken. Death took all sorrow and pain
[16] S (a soul) m (ÖGE be involved) i (m Confederation) d (it lives). Tntzbh


The Hebrew inscription is no longer readable in full, sometimes it is very difficult to read. The supplements were custom built due to the early 20th century and the archivist of the Jewish Community of Vienna, Dr. Pinkas Henry, ca. 1905 corrected and supplemented handwritten documents are made.

Line 2: Psalm 47,10 Very noble.

Line 8: Conversion of the letter of the year, instead Trco stands cutterTo associate the "out of life Torn Will".

Line 11: Genesis 47,9 Few and evil were the days of my life "Little and bad the days of my life were."

Line 13: The employed in the grave inscription word And enlightened would be translated first "and shiny", which of course does not make sense in context. Probably thinking about Genesis 12.3: And I will bless your knees and Mkllic Auer "I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you." thanks to Claudia Chaya Bathya Markovits Krempke for the hint!

Line 14: job 8,12 Refine Abu not pluck "In Bloom is not cut."

Line 15: Literally well, "the entirety of his concern and his pain was taken."

biographical notes

Heinrich (Zvi Hirsch) Janowitz, Born March 18, 1838, small traders from Eisenstadt, 14 Av d. 626 = July 26, 1866, buried at the Jewish cemetery in Vienna Währing.

Geburtseintrag Heinrich Janowitz, 18. März 1838 in Eisenstadt

Birth registration Henry Janowitz, March 18, 1838 in Eisenstadt

Sterbeeintrag Heinrich Janowitz, 26. Juli 1866 in Wien

Death record Heinrich Janowitz, July 26, 1866 in Vienna

Father: Jacob (leg Mendel) Janowitz, D. June 21, 1872, buried in the older Jewish cemetery in Eisenstadt

Mother: Johanna (Anna, Hanna, Lea Chana) Janowitz, D. 05 September 1902 buried at younger Jewish cemetery in Eisenstadt


Katharina Janovetz (sic!), Born October 16, 1841 in Eisenstadt (mother: Hani, Occupation Father: retailer) go 25 July. 1861 Heinrich Austerlitz, Trader, Sohn des Wilhelm Austerlitz and the Theresia (Austerlitz); wh .: Eisenstadt 25. Henry was at the wedding 26 years old, Katharina 19 (according to parish registers;. Strictly speaking, 20) years old. Buried at younger Jewish cemetery in Eisenstadt.

Matriken Geburt Katharina Janovetz

Parish registers birth Katharina Janovetz

Matriken Hochzeit Katharina Janowitz und Heinrich Austerlitz

Register books Wedding Catherine Janowitz and Heinrich Austerlitz

Mini (Minna) Janovitz, Born 22 March 1843 in Eisenstadt (mother, Anna, Occupation Father: Dealer) go, June 19, 1864th Jakob Frischmann, Free, Beruf: Trader, Sohn des Salomon Frischmann and the Regina (fresh man), Born in German Kreutz, wh .: Ödenburg (Sopron) 57. Jacob was at the wedding 28 years old, Minna 19 (register books lt;. Strictly speaking, 21) years old; wh .: Eisenstadt 23

Matriken Geburt Mini Janovitz

Parish registers birth Mini Janovitz

Matriken Hochzeit Minna Janowitz und Jakob Frischmann

Parish registers wedding Minna Janowitz and Jacob Frischmann

Regine Janovitz, Born November 23, 1848 (Mother: Anna, Occupation Father: tradesman)

Matriken Geburt Regine Janovitz

Parish registers birth Regine Janovitz


Adolf/ph Janovitz, Born 08 August 1839 (Mother: Anna, Occupation Father: wine merchant), merchant's apprentice died, at age 23 at Gedärmentzündung on 19 June 1862 in Budapest.

Matriken Geburt Adolf Janovitz

Parish registers birth Adolf Janovitz

Matriken Tod Adolph Janowitz

Matriken Tod Adolph Janowitz

Igna(t)z / Eduard Janov(w)itz (Crossed out "Adolf"!), Born 03 November 1844 (Mother: Anna, Occupation Father: tradesman) died, as ".Eduard recte Ignaz Janowitz"24 years on 26 September 1867 in Vienna, single, Cadet, convict from Eisenstadt, buried cemetery Währing, General. Ranked 12th row

Matriken Geburt Ignatz Janovitz

Parish registers birth Ignatz Janovitz

Matriken Tod Eduard recte Ignaz Janowitz

Register books death Eduard recte Ignaz Janowitz

Alexander Janovitz (Crossed "Simon!"), Born January 21, 1846 (Mother: Hana, Occupation Father: tradesman)

Matriken Geburt Alexander Janovitz

Parish registers birth Alexander Janovitz

David Janovitz (Crossed out !, "Eduard" said Ignatz son!), Born March 27, 1847 (Mother: Anna, Occupation Father: Dealer)

Matriken David Janovitz

Parish registers birth David Janovitz

Moritz Janovitz, Born September 22, 1850 (Mother: Anna, Occupation Father: Dealer)

Matriken Moritz Janovitz

Parish registers birth Moritz Janovitz

Max Janovitz, Born January 29, 1852 (Mother: Hanni Pollak), birthplace and home: Eisenstadt Judengasse 30

Matriken Max Janovitz

Parish registers birth Max Janovitz

Wilhelm (Wolf) Janovitz, Born May 22, 1853 (Mother: Anna Pollak), birthplace and home: Eisenstadt 30
Alexander / Siegmund (Susskind) Janovitz, Born May 22, 1853, died June 04 in 1854 as Siegmund Janovitz to "retired measles", 1 year old, birth:. Eisenstadt, Location: Eisenstadt 30 (see below note the name!)

Matriken Zwillingsgeburt Wilhelm und Alexander Janovitz

Register books twin birth Wilhelm and Alexander Janovitz

Matriken Tod Siegmund Janovitz

Register books death Siegmund Janovitz

Small digression to son named Alexander and Siegmund Janovitz:
Alexander Janovitz (and his twin brother William), we have a Geburtsmatrikeneintrag (see above). Siegmund Janowitz only one entry in the Sterbematriken (see below), at least with age indication exists that he was 1 year old that is, when he died.
Due to the absence of the parents in the Sterbematriken and the lack of a birth entry Siegmund can only be assumed due to the specified mortality address (Eisenstadt 30) as a possible son of Jacob and Johanna Janowitz.
However, when he died at 1 year (and we evaluate this information to be correct), he must have been born at the same time with the twins, Alexander and William. But neither triplets nor the birth of Siegmund found in the Geburtsmatriken.
If one of the twins have changed his real name, both Alexander as Wilhelm also be considered to have been registered as Siegmund at death.
But the riddle is my opinion that in all three cases (birth Alexander and Wilhelm and death Siegmund) in the register books given Hebrew name, so the Synagogalname. Wilhelm Wolf, Alexander Susskind and that is the surprise, Siegmund Susskind, So Siegmund seems to be most likely born when Alexander twin.

Really surprised, perhaps we should not over Alexander / Siegmund, because obviously many times difficulties with the real name appeared at the entry in the birth of books (as David - Edward, Ignatz - Adolf, Alexander - Simon, and finally does not mean David, but Ignatz with his Eduard death!)

Josef/ph (Avigdor) Janovitz, Born peddler 03 October 1854 (Mother: Anna Pollak), birthplace and home: Eisenstadt Judengasse 30; . 24 February 1889 go Ilka Pfeifer, Born: Szentgyörgy (St. Georgen) in Bratislava, wh .: Vienna, unmarried, daughter of Jakob Pfeifer and the Resi Stieglitz, Jacob was 28 years old at the wedding 34 years, Ilka. Rabbi was Salome Angle.

Matriken Geburt Joseph Janovitz

Matriken Geburt Joseph Janovitz

Matriken Hochzeit Josef Janovitz und Ilka Pfeifer

Parish registers wedding Josef Janovitz and Ilka Pfeifer

Emanuel Janovitz, Born 19 November 1836 (mother, Hana, Occupation Father: wine merchant)

Matriken Geburt Emanuel Janovitz

Parish registers birth Emanuel Janovitz

1. Before Emanuel Janowitz: go in Baden on April 11th. 1861 Cecilia Spitzkopf, Wh .: Leipnik 47, daughter of Leopold Spitzkopf and the Rosa (Spitzkopf), Emanuel was at the wedding 24 (actually 25) years, Cecilia 20 years old, both single.

Matriken Hochzeit Emanuel Janowitz und Cäcilia Spitzkopf

Parish registers wedding Emanuel Janowitz and Cecilia Spitzkopf

Divorce Emanuel Janowitz:
In the dead Protocol (Sterbematriken) (!) From Eisenstadt found in 1869 as an addition to the death entries, the heading "divorce". There will be dated 18 October 1869, the entry:
"Emanuel Janowitz, divorced from Cecilia Spitzkopf" and as a note: "Their marriage took place on 11. 4. 1861 in Baden".
Somewhat surprising that the divorce record is not in the Sterbematriken and the Trauungsmatriken.

Matriken Scheidung Emanuel Janowitz und Cäcilia Spitzkopf

Register books divorce Emanuel Janowitz and Cecilia Spitzkopf

2. Before Emanuel Janowitz: go in Eisenstadt 06 April 1876th Hermina Kreutler, Born 29 in Kolin, wh .: Vienna, Glockengasse to their origin and family see Comment by Wolf-Erich Eckstein.

Matriken Hochzeit Emanuel Janowitz und Hermina Kreutler

Parish registers wedding Emanuel Janowitz and Hermina Kreutler