Copies of grave stones, including those that are in the collection Isidor Ohler, can also be found online, ', a portal of Universitätsbibilothek Frankfurt. For simplicity, the inscriptions were each excerpted from Mattersdorf and than - smaller and more manageable - provided PDF file can be downloaded here:

The is set in the wall of the Jewish cemetery in Mattersburg and still existing grave stones:

Please also particularly

the project

The Austrian Jewish Museum worked presently (start of the project: April 28, 2010) (Update 21. 12. 2014): "Lost" of 28. April 2010 to 21. 12. 2014 the online publication of the Jewish cemetery of Mattersburg.

The project aims to make the historic photos and copies of the grave stones of a broad public and work up a white spot in the history of the Jews of Burgenland in general and the Jews Matter Petersburg in particular.

The project is not just for a few surviving relatives of the dead and for many descendants of Mattersburg Jews of highest interest and utmost importance, but the dead of this world-famous cemetery get to finally name and in a way, a "face".

Der jüdische Friedhof in Mattersdorf um 1910

The Jewish cemetery in Mattersdorf - as the place until 1925 was called; Postcard circa 1910

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