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The Jewish community Eisenstadt א"ש

It is a blessed spot of earth on which here the Jews, even next to her castle, the residence of Prince Esterházy settled.
And a new home, it was for many Viennese tribesmen when they were expelled in 1670 by Emperor Leopold the First <from> Lower Wörth (today Leopoldstadt). The poor Viennese wandered around in the world, they found in Bohemia and Moravia temporary refuge. They were joined by the Eisenstadt Jewry to which the Austreibungsverordnung was in 1671 have also been applied, but four months later the Eisenstadt could return and five years later followed them to Eisenstadt joined many of those Viennese Jews who had settled in Mikulov.

They had good reasons for choosing this place of refuge. It was certainly not only the fertile landscape in which they hoped to exercise their mediation advantageous, and the proximity of Vienna, that was within a half day trip that attracted them, but also the fact that Eisenstadt for a quarter of a century no longer the then dreaded Lower Austria belonged, but to Hungary, and finally and letztends because the patron here as in six other municipalities, Mattersdorf, Kobersdorf, Lackenbach, German-Kreutz, Frauenkirchen, Kittsee - in the 'seven churches' - the Esterházy were. Just five years earlier, the prince had given the Jews a adjacent to its castle park and Grange area for colonization. He proved, as well as his predecessor in the reign Eisenstadt, at critical times the Jews gracious. Always it was only the cities citizens who rushed in Eisenstadt, in Bratislava and Vienna against the Jews from business envy at the rulers ...

Sándor Wolf, in: Wiener morning paper, number 2535 (Sunday, March 14, 1926), page 12 under the title:> Today's Eisenstadt Ghetto - founded by the Viennese exiles of the Year 1670 '.

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John Reiss, Eisenstadt, in September 2018