Margaret Rummens schreibt/writes:

Good morning.

On my family tree, I have a woman whose name is Regina Herz.
While researching her name, I found this information

The dates are perfect.

My ancestor (whose family changed their name to Morningstar … with think it was originally Illava or Pivany) was born in Szered in 1798. He was a doctor. My father always said he was „doctor to the children of a duke or a prince).

I see from the list of Vienna births that Regina Herz was a teacher. Maybe she taught the Esterhazy family?
The family came to America around 1850 while fleeing the revolution.

I keep track of my family here:

If you could make all this information public, perhaps I will find someone who knows something about that area that was called Mattersdorf.


PS My ancestors spoke German