Inquiry from Mr. JK from Boynton Beach, FL, USA for his grandmother Berta Luria-Klinger (from Kobersdorf) and her family

We find the name „Luria“ in different writings: Lurjan, Lurja, Lurjn, Lurian etc., below I always take „Luria“.

Berta Luria was the grand-daughter of Abraham Luria and Han(n)i and daughter of Moritz (Mose Ber) Luria and Amalia Gerstl and had 7 siblings:

Abraham Luria, born ca. 1807 in Mattersdorf, and Hanni NN married 15 April 1841 in Mattersdorf (!), the bride is not mentioned, only „from Kobersdorf“(!). Abraham Luria died 31 December 1887 in Kobersdorf.

Moritz (Mose Ber) Luria, hawker, born 1 August 1848 in Kobersdorf, son of Abraham Luria, son of Lotty Luria, and Han(n)i. 18 June 1872 in Kobersdorf: Marriage Moses Luria and Amalia Gerstl.

Sister of Moritz Luria: Fany Luria, born 15 October 1843 in Kobersdorf, see Bernhard Luria – 24. Oktober 1904

Brother of Moritz Luria: Bernhard (Baruch) Luria, born 03. April 1842 in Kobersdorf, died 24. October 1904, buried on the Jewish Cemetery of Kobersdorf

8 children of Moritz (Mose Ber) Luria and Amalia Gerstl:

Gustav (Gerson) Luria, born 10 April 1873 in Kobersdorf, died 22 December 1930 in Vienna, buried on Zentralfriedhof, Gate IV (the date of birth on the gravestone inscription is not correct!). In memoria Hermine Luria (his wife) and Emma Luria, his daughter. Both were deported to Minsk and murdered in the Shoa. Emma Luria, born 10 August 1901 in Liezem (Styria), registry entry in Graz!
Another son of Gustav Luria and Hermine Hirschl, Leo Luria, is born on 05 October 1902 in Liezen, birth entry in Graz, belongs to (zuständig nach) Kobersdorf, died in Vienna 04 February 1966.

Samuel Luria, born 19 Juli 1874 in Kobersdorf, metalworker, was murdered in the Shoa. Also his wife Hermina, born Müller in Kleinwarasdorf, daughter of Johana Süßmann, was also murdered in the Shoa (Auschwitz).
Son of Samuel Luria and Hermmina Müller: Ignatz Luria, died 03 May 1909 in Kobersdorf at age 19 months lung…?

Death entry Ignatz Luria, 03 May 1909, Kobersdorf

Death entry Ignatz Luria, 03 May 1909, Kobersdorf

Rosalia/Sali Luria, born 27 April 1876 in Kobersdorf. Marriage with Lázár Hirschl, son of Márkus Hirschl and Mária Glaser from Kobersdorf, born 02 July 1872

David Luria, born 13 November 1877 in Kobersdorf. 11 June 1901 in Neudörfl: Marriage David Luria and Friederike Steiner, daughter of Lipot/Leopold Steiner and Rosalia (Sali / Sari) Deutsch from Misslitz in Moravia.
2 children of David Lurian and Friederike Steiner:
Otto Lurjan, baker subworker, born 15 April 1902 in Vienna, physical adress: Vienna II, Vereinsgasse 28, married 08 August 1926 in Vienna with Anna Wartenberg false Taub. Otto had (at least) one daughter: Elfriede Lurjan, born 17 May 1928 in Vienna).

Stella Lurjan, born 09 September 1906 in Vinna, physical adress: Vienna II, Am Tabor

Charlotte Luria, born 17 September 1879 in Kobersdorf

Resi Luria, born 19 September 1882 in Kobersdorf

Netti Luria, born 11 September 1884 in Kobersdorf

Berta Lurian, born 01 June 1886 in Kobersdorf

Birth entry Berta Luria, 01 June 1886, Kobersdorf

Birth entry Berta Luria, 01 June 1886, Kobersdorf

Husband: Isidor / Izidor Klinger, sales agent (Weinstein (tartar) trader), born 29 April 1884 in Vienna, son of Salomon Klinger from Uherské Hradiště (Czech Republic), and Katalin Prinz, physical adress: Vienna II, Leopoldsgasse 27a. Marriage on 14 April 1912 in Kobersdorf.
Salomon Klinger, father of Isidor Klinger, physical adress: Vienna XX, Rauscherstraße 12, died on 14 September 1909 in Vienna in the age of 66 heart defect.

Divorce Berta Lurian and Isidor Klinger: 18 November 1930 in Vienna.

3 sons of Berta Luria and Isidor Klinger:

Fritz Klinger, born 14 January 1913 in Vienna, physical adress of the parents: Vienna XX, Wallensteinstraße 21, was deported to Auschwitz, survived and died 28 May 1954 in USA, district Columbia

Ernst Klinger, born 21 May 1914 in Vienna, physical adress of the parents: Vienna XX, Wallensteinstraße 48

Karl Klinger, born 15 September 1916 in Kobersdorf, died 24 December 1984 in Vienna, buried on Neustift Cemetery Vienna together with Elfriede Klinger.

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