Start of the project "reclamation of the Jewish cemetery Mattersburg"

We do not know how many grave stones were located in the Jewish cemetery in Mattersburg before 1945, we also do not know what happened to them. There are various guesses and speculation, probably they were used for the construction of walls, roads and houses.

Today can be found in the Jewish cemetery of Mattersburg only a few old grave stones and grave stone fragments (both sides) were used in a wall and 150 donated by the Chevra Kadisha (unnamed) grave stones (or rather "grave stone dummies").

  • Jüdischer Friedhof Mattersburg heute
  • Jüdischer Friedhof Mattersburg: Mauer mit eingesetzten Grabsteinen
  • Jüdischer Friedhof Mattersburg: Mauer mit eingesetzten Grabsteinen

And yet, we know more than 300 (Update 26. 12. 2014:) 229 Names, dates of death and grave inscriptions of Jewish dead who were buried in the cemetery. Because by a happy coincidence, the Austrian Jewish Museum in possession of photographs and transcriptions, anfertigte religious school inspector for Jewish faith, Isidor Ohler, on behalf of the Gestapo before 1945 for the Reichssippenamt - or probably more correctly had to make.

Update 26. 12. 2014: This "happy coincidence" was that Univ. GDR. Kurt Schubert in the 1970s (if not earlier) on one of his voyages to Israel a man (a relative of Isidor Ohler?) Met who recognized him and this collection of photos handed him for the Jewish Museum in Eisenstadt. Prof. Schubert was known to be the founder of the museum. Neither Prof. Schubert yet we knew / know (it was never elicit!) How many grave stones at that time actually photographed and how many inscriptions from Ohler were written off. The now published online are in any case (unfortunately) all those who come into our possession!
We consider it but is quite possible that there could be other photos and transcripts of grave stones and would be very happy if those individuals who possess these so valuable original documents, making them available to the public!

Isidor Öhler

Isidor Öhler wurde am 09. 10. 1878 in Topolcsany (Slovakei/Ungarn) geboren und verstarb am 02. 04. 1968 in Wien. Verheiratet war er seit 1938 mit Alice, geb. Weiner (1896 – 1987). Bereits 1901 wurde Öhler als Religionslehrer in den Schuldienst der Israelitischen Kultusgemeinde Wien berufen. Im Jahre 1910 wurde er zum Schulinspektor für den Religionsunterricht an Volks- und Bürgerschulen bestellt.

In the obituary of Dr. Ernst Feldberg states:

With Reg.-Rat Oehler is a left that last of this world who have the history of the great Viennese Jewish community since 1901, ie by almost 60 years witnessed a man who was a living reference book of this classical period of the Viennese Jewish community.

Since 1943 knew Reg.-Rat Oehler rabbinical functions on page Stetten temple and after the cantors of Seitenstetten temple had begun the way to the Theresienstadt concentration camp, was Reg Council Oehler also the prayer leaders in this church. As a loyal admirer of the great cantor Salomon Sulzer, he sang every Friday night and every Sabbath along with the few Jews who had remained behind, Sulzersche tunes that were not silenced even in the most difficult period of persecution in Seitenstetten temple.

After the liberation in 1945 Oehler was charged with the resettlement of religious education ... In 1948 he joined the well-deserved retirement ...

The municipality 124 (1968), S. 19

The project

When we arrived with copies in the possession of the photos and list a few years ago, they were completely confused. A packet with the photos and another packet of papers. Photos and transcripts had therefore only be ordered and merged. In this work, we noticed to our great surprise many (smaller) errors in the transcripts excessively on. If possible (the photos are often very difficult to read), we tried to repair these errors. Only, the problem is not so much the error itself, but that we must of course assume that Isidor Öhler very well had the appropriate knowledge to prepare the present copies flawlessly! Did he intentionally introduced errors, perhaps not to divulge too much information?

Unfortunately, it must remain open whether Öhler the copies based on the pictures or on-site, so anfertigte the cemetery. Often it looks like photographic work, made often by cemetery work. So some inscription that is not or barely identifiable in the photo, would be read well at the cemetery. Perhaps but again that Ohler deliberately superficial, often striking superficial worked for good reasons? Because there remain many inconsistencies in the transcriptions Öhlers. We do not know the reasons, fact is that the transcripts reflect a style of work of someone who wanted to finish something quick without much effort / had and obviously the one or more client (for obvious reasons) was not important (s).

Der jüdische Friedhof in Mattersdorf um 1910

The Jewish cemetery in Mattersdorf - as the place until 1925 was called; Postcard circa 1910

  • We are now gradually put all custom built by Isidor Ohler, photos and transcripts in the blog online and hope to complete the work by May 2011th
  • The inscriptions are not processed in this (first) phase or translated, we want to Öhlers photos and transcripts as soon as possible available to the public. In addition, we assume that most interested to read the transcripts Öhlers and possibly also the grave inscriptions themselves in the photographs (and translate) can. Notes are made only when their own reading of names or date of death is different from that Öhlers.
  • We provide Mattersburg grave stone photographs and -abschriften aware here in the blog online to enable interested persons and / or members of comments. especially biographical - - data is gradually supplemented Ideally missing can thereby.
  • All contributions will be (in the category) under the (newly created) Theme "Cemetery Mattersburg" archived. Since the Mattersburger grave stone photographs and copies should be for most blog readers of little interest, we have decided - for reasons of clarity - all posts by this theme of both the index page (ie the blog home page) of the latest articles as well as exclude archive page.
  • An own ArchivseiteOnly for the contributions of the Mattersburg cemetery, allows a quick overview of all the names and dates of death.
  • The photos and copies will be provided initially in random order online because there is still some "problem cases" complicate a correct assignment. Finally, of course register - By name and death dates ordered - created.
  • Finally, it should be clarified whether grave stones that are present with photo and copy (we therefore present here online) with in the wall of the cemetery grave stones or grave stone fragments used correspond.

In this project, the development of which you can follow step by step online as of today, it's about more than just about putting some names online. With the "Entanonymisierung" of the Jewish cemetery Mattersburg important reminder is aspired not only for the city of Mattersburg, but for the entire Burgenland. The photos and copies Öhlers today are the only witnesses of the great Jewish cemetery a world famous Jewish community.

"Must" no longer cleared on Jewish Cemetery Mattersburg, it must not Jewish grave stones are restored (see Article "On the Jewish Cemetery II"). But I would like to see the names of the dead after the completion of our work not only here in the online database, but also (zB on a plaque) can be found at the Jewish cemetery on site.

To database "Jewish Cemetery Mattersburg" (work in progress) (The first 10 grave stones are online)

English Summary:
Only a few fragments of the former gravestones of the Jewish cemetery in Mattersburg could be preserved, they are embedded in a wall and can today be visited in Mattersburg. It is not clear how many gravestones existed on the cemetery before 1945, neither what happened to them. Nevertheless the Austrian Jewish Museum holds a rich source of information on the former cemetery. Luckily, it came in possession of more than 300 photographs and transcriptions of the epitaphs made by Isidor Öhler (the superintendent of schools for religious education) on the authority of the Gestapo in the beginning of 1945. Those photographs and transcriptions will be published online as blog postings bit by bit.

Update 12 May 2010: Yitzchok Stroh and Carole G. Vogel have been reconstructing the genealogy of the Jewish community of Mattersdorf from 1698 – 1939!

Update 01 July 2010: As of today, there is the, launched (on Website zu Mattersdorf.

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