But those who trust in the Lord shall renew their strength. … You to run (!) and not be weary ...

Isaiah 40.31

They like to run? Especially on trails, up and down hills and forest trails? Interested in Jewish history and culture? You feel like Walk Jewish or contemporary historical stations that can not be discovered as part of a museum visit even a walk through the former Jewish district of Eisenstadt?

3 Paar Traillaufschuhe

Jewish Sight-Running: This unique in Burgenland and perhaps unusual museum offers you told the director of the Jewish Museum in Eisenstadt, John Reiss "running" interesting and entertaining to the individual stations:

  • the hidden deep in the forest Mausoleum of Ottilie Laschober
  • the equally famous and enigmatic mysterious-old lime tree Leithagebirge "the Jews"
  • or why the famous Wolf Garten has nothing to do in Eisenstadt with wolves ...

Dates and registration

Every Wednesday (from October to April at 10h or 14h, from May to September at 8 am or 17:30) or Sun - at any time, if agreed Thu.
Please note: It is in any case a reservation at least 1 day in advance required:
Phone: 02682 - 651 45
E-mail: sightrunning@ojm.at

We run at (almost) any weather (of course not hail or when severe thunderstorms threaten).

group size

A maximum of 10 runners


Moderate movement speed ( "feel good pace")
Alternative Sight can also walking tours are booked (see below).


They have reached the age of 18 years and bring physical fitness for our tours with (a run to approximately 120 minutes on rough forest roads, including about 300 meters above sea level, must be no health hazard for you).
We accept no liability for health problems of the participants, which occur on our tours during or resulting from participation, unless such damage is caused by intentional or negligent conduct on our part.
In short, you run at your own risk.


8 Euro / walkers and runners (entrance to the museum included)


Jewish Museum - synagogueShabbat chainLandesmuseum (Without museum visit) - Castle Park - Wolf Garten - Mausoleum - "the Jew" - younger Jewish cemetery - older Jewish cemetery - Jewish district - Jewish Museum

about 10 km, nearly 300 meters (of 202 m to 455 m), pure Running time: 70 minutes Total time: 90 minutes

Höhenmeter in Bezug auf die Streckenlänge


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Extended Route: Upon request, the route can be extended and then takes us to the station "the Jews" still on the highest point of the Leithagebirge, the Sonnenberg (484m), which is, of course, above all, time-historical interest. There you can by the way, if you have no fear of heights, on the look-out tower, fantastic views, in the east to Lake Neusiedl and Hungary in the north to Vienna, enjoy.

about 13.7 km, about 350 meters of altitude (from 202 m to 484 m), pure Running time: 90 minutes Total time: approximately 120 minutes

Erweiterte Strecke: Höhenmeter in Bezug auf die Streckenlänge

What the routes (do not) offer

Starting from the Jewish quarter we are running as part of our route twice about 25 minutes just through the forest, more precisely, by a mixed oak forest, dominated by the grape and turkey oak and hornbeam.

We have to deal with some altitude, but we run almost exclusively in beautiful air and no traffic lights and car exhaust ;-)

We walk in the extensive Leithagebirge and not in a big city, are offered in the usually Sight-Running tours, so do not (at least not those that are commonly referred to as) encounter at every turn sights.

It's on our tours to the combination of (regional) Jewish history, contemporary history and great (sporting) nature.

Jewish Sight-Walking


We are happy etc. also offer the opportunity to visit the above-mentioned stations a little more comfortable for Nordic walkers, hikers. It is everything above, only that the route takes a little longer (about 2 hours). Especially at a sight walking tour can be started at the request not with the Jewish Museum, but in the parking lot Gloriette, bringing the total length of the basic route to roughly 7 kms reduced (including Mausoleum). Please contact us if you are interested.

Upbeat (kick-off) for Jewish Sight-Running:
October 26, 2012, 10.30h
Meeting point: Austrian Jewish Museum
We run the basic route, about 10 km, only
Participation on this day is of course free!

Registration required: Phone: 02682 - 651 45
E-mail: sightrunning@ojm.at