Resl Theben (Nassau) / Resl bat Wolf Brilin, 10. Ijjar 5515 (Montag, April 21, 1755)

Foto I. Öhler: Resl Theben / Resl bat Wolf Brilin, 10. Ijjar 5515

No copy of Isidor Öhler present.


The second oldest (see the oldest of 1728), But rather - what concerns length, form and content of the particularly grave inscription - most notable grave stone in Mattersdorf / -burg (at least as regards the collection Ohler).

With this particular grave stone, we also choose our end of April 2010 begun the project "The Lost grave stones (Cemetery Mattersburg)". All 229 present in the collection Ohler, photos and copies, after all, single witness the large Jewish cemetery of the world-famous Jewish community, are online.
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Max Grunwald leads the grave stone in his work "Mattersdorf" (Information of the Society for Jewish Folk 1924-1925, p 495) to (see also Kommentar von Chaya-Bathya Markovits). The copy Grunwald should here letters in full, positive and are shown lines meet (on the citation form is omitted for reasons of clarity):

Rabbi Resel b. Wolf Brilin from Nassau 1755

Here lies the rabbinic decent
Woman wisdom of heart wisdom and desire to buy justness made out of Verona
As the lily was Mrs. Bat Harar Wolf glasses Mmiracle Decade
per month splendor Confessed turned on not said that good
Died and was buried in the name of a good day "
Air iodine monkey character Teth View

בQuarry and return to the hull to Israel humiliated
תSaturday glorifies a woman how to fall
הK was mother of all living Barb compassion and clemency
רYou're naked, cover and dress Cstiho
רLett warm the benefit Ruhama with grace
וLet Trf and balm and a cat without leggings
וThe lost soul happens modest pleated
אShachariya roar all the hustle voice
לLost in the gift of community
פSpirit flourish and Tgil also fresh and discovered
splendor Secretly wings of the Divine Presence will satisfy Sala
לFertilizer himself or herself to ask leave
miracle That Marry group notes with purple

הHooray for the tomb of a great woman
רChevron subsidiary hips and sighs of horror
בKo lost all pure gold lamp
נSymptoms were actions incense mingled
יEnough to send needy Valle del succeeded
תRuta Maya battalion landed her and her tent
מA stone wall would shout and wail steering train goi
רThe rich met all these eulogized
תHer dress and praise streets gave voice
רDate and tender to the dirt gave Commencement
יGo ahead and dwell in righteousness bromine or higher
זBeing rightly call her leg justice
לSure rest and end The rightPillars of Destiny

A Chen in the

Note by Max Grunwald at the end of the transcript: "It is worth noting the emergence Sabbatian moods of a series of inscriptions from this period."

In the introduction (top center) is named as twice the date of death, both times on something unusual way both the "prominent" Father:

Line 1-7:
(1) "is here / is recovered, the rabbi wife, Rev.,
(2), a heart wise woman ' (Exodus 35,25)With wisdom and prudence she fulfilled the will of their Creator, their Woltätigkeit was publicly announced with joy ' (Proverbs 1.20, the translation is inspired by Mendelssohn).
(3) As a lily she was, Mrs Tessa, daughter of H (err) u (nd) M (eisters) Wolf Brilin from wet (au). On 10th
(4) of the month Siw (= Monat Ijjar, s. 1 Könige 6,1; 6,37) passed its splendor, the day is not stated in the "it's good".
(5) died and was buried with good names (= in good standing) on ​​day 2 (= Monday)
(6) Iodine (= The numerical value 10) Ijjar, Taw (= Numerical value 400) someone (= Numerical value 100) Tet (= Data 9) waw (Numeric value 6) (= 515)
(7) n (ah) K (linen) Z (eitrechnung) "

His father, Wolf ben Leib Nassau Brilin, died on Friday, 9 Nisan 513 (= 13 April 1753), almost to the day, two years before his daughter in Vienna. We find the grave inscription of the father as No. 907 in. "Bernhard Wachstein, The inscriptions of the old Jewish cemetery in Vienna, the second part (1696-1783), Vienna 1917". Wachstein notes incidentally that "a pair of glasses between the headline and the text of the inscription (engraved)" is.
On page 371, he continues to write the name "Brilin", "Loew Nassau 'is our Benjamin Wolf b. Loeb Nassau in the probate of his father Asriel Brilin died in 1744, called. Wolf Nassau lived, like his father, under the protection of Wolf Wertheimer privilege ... Relations to home Wertheimer are primarily relational nature. Asriel Brilin ... was the mother of Wolf Wertheimer and Wertheimer Loew's brother ... Whether our Wolf, who also bears the name Brilin ... this family is related by blood or you belong to only by his wife Chana, must remain an open question. " (As an aside: One of the sons of Asriel Brilin, Isak, lived in Eisenstadt, was at the beginning of the 18th century on the board of the community, yet his son Manes was for libel by the community deprived of residence code).
Afterwards Wachstein called children of Wolf Nassau, reports Sara and in great detail about son Isak Nassau. A "Rösel" that should be our "Tessa", is unfortunately only briefly and only mentioned by name.

the mother of Tessa (and wife of Wolf Brilin) ​​from Nassau to the grave, Chana Anna Nassau (Brilin) ​​is loud Wachstein, no. 987, no longer exists. She passed away on 25 Schvat 529, that is on 02 February, 1769, also in Vienna.

The grave inscription of Tessa similar to her father's striking individual passages even verbatim, about left column last line of the eulogy: Miracle that Marry group "A sign he will establish (Isaiah 11.12) to collect ...". In the above inscription continues: Notes with purple "The outcasts of Israel, literally, of God's own people, '" in the inscription ihrese father: Bnei Jeshurun "Literally, the sons of Jeshurun. '"
miracle "Sign / miracle" is of course a pun on the origin of the Father "Wet (au)".

If (at Grunwald!) In the introduction capitalized and equipped with super-linear points words contain numerical values ​​that have a contextual meaning, I can not understand it, unfortunately. In fact, missing namely at the first indication of the date of death, the death ... However, I can use the uppercase of Grunwald and provided with points letters in the grave inscription itself does not recognize. With one exception:
The numerical value "23" of the word for the month of death splendor the age of death of Tessa could be, provided it is born in 1732 (her mother Chana / Anna had been there about 23-year-old).

As Akrostycha found in the eulogy in both columns her first name and the title and first name of the father and blessings:

right column:
(8) to (20): "The rabbi wife woman Resl, i (hr memory) (to be preserved ÖGE) m"
Rebbetzin Mrs. Rizal Zell

left column:
(8) bis (19): „Tochter des H(errn) u(nd) M(eisters) Wolf, s(ein Andenken) m(öge bewahrt werden) Nassau“
Bat Harar Wolf Zell miracle

In the left column can be found above the word splendor Points to the numerical value "23" see above.

In the right column in row 20 are points above the capitalized words / letters The right, The accumulated number is based on 515, so the death of Tessa.
The text of the line is based on Daniel 12:13: "In security, they will rest and rise again at the end of the day to receive their inheritance."

Noteworthy in the eulogy that without exception all the verses is still on her "lower back.

In the genealogy portal we find in Resel Thebes no death date!

There is also argued that Tessa's wife coupling Thebes was. It would have to be doing around the Pressburger Stadlan coupling Thebes act (Joshua Lewin son James Chapel thebn, Verlag Tuschia, Warschau 1899). Wachstein (s.o.) jedenfalls berichtet über einen Asriel, Sohn des Samuel (Sanwel) und Enkel des o.g. Asriel Brilin, der nicht nur ein „großes rabbinisches Wissen hatte, das wir durch zwei Generationen in diesem Zweige der Familie nicht mehr vertreten gesehen haben … Sein großer Besitz mag ihm vonseiten seiner Frau Traula be devolved, the daughter of well-known on the town Pressburg Stadlans coupling Thebes [Supplement: and his wife Tessa] was "(p 288).

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