Nathan ben Abraham Lichtenstern from Kittsee, 25 Tishri 618 (= Tuesday, October 13, 1857)

J-36 (Wachstein 927)

  • Grabstein Nathan ben Abraham Lichtenstern aus Kittsee, 25. Tischre 618
  • älterer jüdischer Friedhof Eisenstadt, Sektor J

The grave inscription

Messrs elder gave elated Chr"r

Here lies

Son of the late twenty-fifth of Abraham
Likhtenshtern MCC Summary
A good name died on Tuesday twenty-fifth of
Tishri of Tri"h octavo



As well Wachstein notes, we take line 1 that Nathan Lichtenstern died at an advanced age. old man means "old man" and the name Elated "Almighty," is usually reserved for a man older age.

As we read in lines 3 and 4, also no longer living the father, Abraham, at the time of the death of Nathan. With him also the place of origin is indicated, "from d (he holy) j (üdischen community) Kittsee".

Archive of older Jewish cemetery Eisenstadt