Gabriel Ben Shalom Kutna 02 Tammuz 634 (= Wednesday, June 17, 1874)

J-5 (Wachstein 1112)

  • Grabstein Gabriel ben Schalom Kutna, 02. Tammus 634
  • älterer jüdischer Friedhof Eisenstadt, Sektor J

The grave inscription

Here lies

Superlative guy Torah and awe Shannon opinion

Dear spirit and generous heart educated in faith
Only son Rahim and boasting crown bracelet
Superior middot Beloved by all who saw sublime
so Gabriel Kutna h
Son of Rabbi Rabbi Hello Rabbi pushed
Tes years old died Wednesday in Tammuz Trl"d
And was buried the next day with great respect and a long and bitter eulogy



Gabriel, as in line 2 the guy is called "The youth / bachelor", is considered one of the last on the older Jewish cemetery in Eisenstadt, shortly before the younger Jewish cemetery was established, buried. That he had died at the age of 19, we read on line 8 of the grave inscription.

Perhaps a little surprising that Wachstein in his remarks in the German part not, indicating that the still very prominent father is also buried in Eisenstadt.

biographical notes

Father: Solomon (Schalom) Kutno, D. 07 February 1909 buried at younger Jewish cemetery in Eisenstadt

Mother: Katharina (Sara Gütel) Kutna, Daughter of Gottlieb (Jedidja) Fischer and the Magdalena (Eleonore?, Rachel) Goldschmied, D. 01 November 1903 buried at younger Jewish cemetery in Eisenstadt

Sister: Emilie (Sara Mirl Haya) Prince, D. 02 February 1905 buried at younger Jewish cemetery in Eisenstadt

Archive of older Jewish cemetery Eisenstadt