Sarl daughter of Moses Broda, Mrs. Samuel Güns 14 Tammuz 517 (= Shabbat, July 02, 1757)

E-23 (Wachstein 252)

  • Grabstein Sarl Tochter Moses Broda, Frau Samuel Güns, 14. Tammus 517
  • Scan Wachstein Seite 69 Sarl Güns, 14. Tammus 517

älterer jüdischer Friedhof Eisenstadt, Sektor E

The grave inscription

Proper training and Mrs. Charles rabbi's daughter of Harav
Moses Brod, the late wife of Rabbi Shmuel officer
The Guns And Sarah died late fourteenth NCO Tammuz and was buried
On Sunday Tki"z octavo

שBat joy of woe and woe to all coo
רDate and tender was not many years now
לHer hair who could boasting among girls
a girl Zion specified acts, Toby and unleavened bread
The Gaon Tiferet Zvi priceless and Darkemon
Mohr R.In talks given except Chrome
מThe שVAT הDove בlabor רB וSorrows
דRocha אTears whole and not Idma
זReactor צWare לThe favor and rest and will fate



The inscription was Wachstein time significantly easier to read than it is today.

biographical notes

Sarl, the daughter of Rabbi Moses Worms upper Broda, the son of the famous late as chief rabbi in Frankfurt Abraham ben Saul Broda, was the wife of Samuel ben Ansel Margulies-Jafe (Güns, Schlesinger).

Wachstein example, The grave inscriptions ..., op 118f

Husband: Samuel (Margulies-Jafe) Schlesinger, D. April 18, 1756

Rösel Schlesinger, D. 18 July 1738

Reikel Koblenz, D. 31 January 1758

Bella Chaja Pollak, D. 23 February 1772

Ester Schlesinger, D. 12 January 1745

Son: Moses (Güns) Schlesinger, D. 31 January 1790

that according Wikitree Sara brød Halberstadt Reportedly deceased, I think is wrong. Mainly because of the fact speaks against that we read in the inscription on line 5 that Sara "on day 1 (= Sunday) was buried", so the following day.
A transfer would have taken much longer selbstveständlich.

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