Uriel bone Rafael Pollak, 16. Tammuz 612 (= Schabbat, 03. July 1852)

A-27 (Wachstein 887)

  • Grabstein Uriel ben Rafael Pollak, 16. Tammus 612
  • älterer jüdischer Friedhof Eisenstadt, Sektor A

The grave inscription

Here lies

The faucet Uriel Ben officer twenty-fifth of Rafael Fallak, Frost died on Shek XVI Tammuz and was buried the following year
Tri"b octavo

It pains me members

You must cut down while still fresh leaf
Duration of fog and cloud cover
Rise to heaven sponsored supreme secret
Named relish and fresh fertilizer Nfsic
Import comforting that makes peace Amen



Line 2: Uriel Pollak dies young, the introduction begins with , Frost "The bachelor / youth".

The name of the (supposed) father Rafael Pollak is here the blessing , Frost "S (a light) m (ÖGE lit)" readjusted, indicating that the father at the time of the death of his son is still alive. This would certainly apply the aforementioned Rafael Pollak, he died in the 1869th

biographical notes

Father (presumably): Rafael Pollak., D. 03 January 1869

Mother: Ester Pollak, D. 04 October 1839

Archive of older Jewish cemetery Eisenstadt