Chawa daughter Baruch Leidesdorf, Mrs. Wolf Güns 13 Nisan 589 (= Thursday, April 16, 1829)

E-42 (Wachstein 667)

  • Grabstein Chawa Tochter Baruch Leidesdorf, Frau Wolf Güns, 13. Nisan 589
  • älterer jüdischer Friedhof Eisenstadt, Sektor E

The grave inscription

Messrs AH lady woman from Ranch daughter of the late character 'Rabbi Baruch BP
Heck's wife zt "ennobling twenty-fifth of Wolf Ginz I"tz nun Thursday Thirteen Nissan Tkf"t L.

חDella hope of man that helped Zero
וShe was a pauper moved
הWen gave the poor witticisms
גEstate cedar root where she began
יDuh note that ltslmus sfarsh
נGe Light soul winners
זVerona blessed all praise



Line 1 of the introduction: Daughter of the late character 'Rabbi Baruch BP "Daughter of the late Torah scholars Morenu Baruch L (statutory) d (orf)".

Morenu literally means "u (ur) L (ehrer), H (err)". The Morenu title received only very learned men, Bernhard Wachstein called him a "synagogue doctorate" (see Bernhard Wachstein, The inscriptions of the Old Jewish cemetery in Vienna, the first part of 1540 (?) - 1670, the second part of 1696 to 1783, Vienna 1912, part 2, p 15).

biographical notes

Daughter of Morenu Baruch and Gella Leidesdorf ...

Wachstein example, The grave inscriptions ..., supra, 211

Husband: Wolf Schlesinger (Güns), D. 12 January 1840

Mordechai Schlesinger (Güns), D. 19 January 1859

Ahron Schlesinger (Güns), D. December 29, 1873

Archive of older Jewish cemetery Eisenstadt