Abraham ben Baruch, 10 Iyar 507 (= Thursday, April 20, 1747) and Isak ben Abraham, 22 Adar I 508 (= Wednesday, February 21, 1748)

H-25 (Wachstein 170 and 180)

  • Grabstein Abraham ben Baruch und Isak ben Abraham
  • älterer jüdischer Friedhof Eisenstadt, Sektor H

The grave inscription

Here lies

Confidence Man
Reb Avraham
What Ben Baruch
L tenth MP
In some communities
Died on Thursday
Iodine Air
Tk"z octavo



Isaac units
Fell blaze
And the torch through
Who lost days
His father's grief
Eulogize Select
Good trade '
And his might HH
Guy as Mr.
Itzik Ben H.
Abraham, who died
Thursday, twenty-two maple
First Tk"h octavo

Right column: The son Isak, left column: Father Abraham ben Baruch.


Right Column Line 10: "The youth / unmarried man."

Right column: The last four lines are no longer visible, so the lines of justice can not be ensured in this area (?).

Left column Line 3: The father of Abraham, Baruch is concerned with the Morenu-titulature.

Morenu literally means "u (ur) L (ehrer), H (err)". The Morenu title received only very learned men, Bernhard Wachstein called him a "synagogue doctorate" (see Bernhard Wachstein, The inscriptions of the Old Jewish cemetery in Vienna, the first part of 1540 (?) - 1670, the second part of 1696 to 1783, Vienna 1912, part 2, p 15).

biographical notes

Abraham ben Baruch is detectable in Eisenstadt already 1715th ... He is certainly the same as Abraham Baruch at Daylight, discounts, p 5, 159 and 162, n.9. Baruch, the father of Abraham, was the present grave font Rabbinatsverweser in some communities. Isak, the only son of Abraham, died in adolescence.

Wachstein example, The grave inscriptions ..., op 95

With "Daylight, discounts ..." says Wachstein: Daylight J. (eds), discounts of Viennese Jews in the 17th and 18th centuries. A contribution to the financial, economic and family history of the 17th and 18th centuries, Vienna / Leipzig 1917th

Archive of older Jewish cemetery Eisenstadt