Gella Ms. Menke Englishman, 26 Adar II 613 (= Tuesday, 05 April 1853)

M-14 (Wachstein 891)

  • Grabstein Gella Frau Menke Engländer, 26. Adar II 613
  • älterer jüdischer Friedhof Eisenstadt, Sektor M

The grave inscription

הגבירה היקה הצדקת מפורסמת במעשי’ … א”ח מרת געלא אשת
המנוח והנכבד הר”ר מענקי ענגלעמדר נפטרת יום ג’ כ”ו אדר שני
תרי”ג לפ”ק

גWord herself when living on earth
עSebba pleasures of imaginary time and respect
לThe Nava Tehila baskets and uplift
אSeth Force There may be rightly call and
עMoody justice rooted out in the 'planted right
נChef and Dawn eye and heart in prayer
גDella good name was chosen altar and costs
לThe poor and needy in most forced interpretation of Compassion
עCitrus wearing raincoats and last day eroded
נGathered into her weeping and multi shout
דAbe רB lovers and she left justified



Line 1: Even Wachstein had reading problems in the first line, today the two lines of introduction are no longer legible. The rows justice there can not be guaranteed.

biographical notes

Husband: Menke English, D. 04 September 1851

Archive of older Jewish cemetery Eisenstadt