Rösel daughter Ascher Bumsla, Mrs. Moses Jemnitz 04 Kislev 598 (= Thursday, November 23, 1797)

R-15 (Wachstein 468)

  • Grabstein Rösel Tochter Ascher Bumsla, Frau Moses Jemnitz, 04. Kislew 598
  • älterer jüdischer Friedhof Eisenstadt, Sektor R

The grave inscription

Died and was buried bitter eulogy on Thursday Wednesday flanks of Tkn"h octavo

Important wife chaste Mrs.
Rizal General and construction subsidiary 'R' which Bumslo
הIlilo אBooth שbar הmajestically רSo in
יWas complacent זVerona praised after 'all meet
לBush righteousness wore years a girl Good and honest
LehrerTo righteousness protect the seedlings Namnim
which The basis dirt Framed בSound of wailing and nests
וIndemnities Devli happened in the 'park מConan סFeydeau HOUSING
לFive days gives birth אAnd La brick Jeronimo
Woman force מUnited Heavy father and mother שMrה In most helpless
יRath H. עand this מDo נCutaneous יGet off Larץ Shortness years



Line 3b of the eulogy: "Young in years."

Line 9 of the eulogy: "5 days after birth, they withered there."

died in confinement. ... The death register called the husband, Winternitz '.

Wachstein example, The grave inscriptions ..., supra, 163

biographical notes

Mother: Ruhama BumslaGesture. 06. May 1818

Father: Ash Lazarus Bunzlauer (Asher ben Eliezer from Jungbunzlau), D. 1810-1818, s. "Biographical Notes" atRuhama Bumsla.

Archive of older Jewish cemetery Eisenstadt