Kröndel daughter Pinchas, woman Hirz b ... 06 Iyar 536 (= Thursday, April 25, 1776)

X-21 (Wachstein 355)

  • Grabstein Kröndel Tochter Pinchas, Frau Hirz b..., 06. Ijjar 536
  • älterer jüdischer Friedhof Eisenstadt, Sektor X

The grave inscription

Here lies
Woman important good deeds'
HH was correct humble '
מרת קרינדל בת הר“ר פנחס אשת
Messrs R 'Herz bar ...
Thursday and Ayer leader of the country, folio


biographical notes

Husband (likely): Hirz Benedict (Kamen), D. 29 March 1821

Hirz whose father's name is no longer readable, is probably Hirz Ben Hirsch, di Hirz Kamen, As we know from Mohelbuch no. 62, Hirz Kamen is a son born on 28 Cheshvan 533/1772, which he, if our guess is correct, named after his father. The old man Pinchas Benedict, which appears to be already dead in 1872, is perhaps identical to this Pinchas ben Hirz Kamen.
Another son, Löb, Hirz was born 1,786th Kröndel would thus have been his first wife.

Wachstein example, The grave inscriptions ..., supra, 140

Archive of older Jewish cemetery Eisenstadt