The Jewish cemetery of Trieste

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Trieste! What does not combine everything with this name!

Alexander Roda-Roda

The Jewish community of Trieste today has about 500 members, of the great and long history of the Jewish community of the city - before 1938 there were about 6,000 Jews in Trieste - told the Jewish cemetery Via della Pace, with approximately 12,000 grave stones on 3 hectares. After the old Jewish cemetery had become too small from 1446 for the Jewish community - in the period of its greatest physical extension he reached the slopes of the San Giusto hill - and had to be resolved, the first funeral took place at the new cemetery at 2 . June 1843 instead.

Memorial mit den 687 Namen der im Holocaust ermordeten Triestiner Juden


That Trieste was 500 years Habsburg Austrian, must not be carried out here. countless German-speaking grave inscriptions, Places of origin as Prague, Pressburg, Lemberg, Iasi (Romania), Warsaw, Skalat (Poland / Western Ukraine) Surany (Southern Slovakia) Gloggnitz, Eisenstadt, Hohenems or Vienna, surnames such as Lackenbacher and family trees that have deep into the history of Jews in our region, are eloquent testimony.

Eisenstadt, Hohenems and Vienna ...

married on August 1, 1800 GiustinaNee Romanin, "Wolf Gerstel di Eisenstado"Was born in 1774. He was junk dealer and is not buried in Trieste. But the grave of his wife is at the Jewish cemetery of Trieste and has - not surprisingly - a Hebrew grave inscription.
From Hohenems come about August Brunner (The grave stone allows us the data in the genealogical database to correct) and Hannchen BrunnerWere in Vienna in 1866 Ugo Ascoli and 1869 Siegfried NeuhauserBorn "son of a respectable citizens worthy family from Vienna."

Big names and exciting family histories

Blick in den jüdischen Friedhof von Triest

Look in the Jewish cemetery of Trieste, the end of March 2016

The families Morpurgo and Parente, founders and directors of Generali insurance, similar to a Greek temple in a Sacellum, in the form buried in the cemetery at the entrance. This area was built by the Milanese architect Carlo Macciacchini, in addition to his most famous project, the Monumental Cemetery in Milan, also the builder of San Spiridione, the Serbian Orthodox Church was of Trieste. The Austrian banker Elio von Morpurgo, married to Nina Parente, As is the founder of the famous banking family.

One of the striking grave monuments belongs Giuseppe Eppinger, Founder of the world famous "Bomboniera", which still exists and James Joyce reported on his visit to the beautiful grave of There Meissel, The wife of his friend who had committed suicide at age 27. The grave of Elio Schmitz, The brother of the writer Italo Svevo, whose real name is Ettore Schmitz was, and also wrote a novel about his brother, found at the cemetery. As well as that of Fiorina CoenWhose daughter Irene, who is also called the grave, the mother of the prominent New York Mayor (1934-45) Fiorello Enrico "Henry" LaGuardia was, after a New York airport is named.

Scandal in Trieste as Margarete Arnstein 1907 was died at the age of 12 years, the Italian architect Giovanni Marin made a coffin with a covered of flowers figurative representation of Margarete, which of course the biblical prohibition of images disagreed (Exodus 20.4).

  • Aufbahrungshalle am Friedhof

    Mortuary at the cemetery

  • Gräber der frühen Rabbiner, 18. Jh., vom alten jüdischen Friedhof

    Tombs earlier rabbis 18th century.

  • Abgebrochene Säulen: Gräber von Kindern bzw. jungen Menschen

    children's graves

Very interesting details in the Hebrew grave inscriptions

Schabbatai Elia Levi came from Corfu, is buried in Trieste and the date of death in his Hebrew grave inscription is represented by the phrase "In besieged in Sevastopol was." With the death Rachel Grassitis 1849 also "their great power" sank, also shown in the date of death. Very exciting but also different to our region introductory formulas like "Here lies" Here lies or "This (is) the resting place" CuWhat I in Austria so far only on grave inscriptions in the Sephardic department at the Central Cemetery saw in Vienna.

My thanks belongs to the genealogist Traude Triebel, who helped in reading and indexing the inscriptions and contributed many photos and especially also Livio Vasieri from Trieste, the - works tirelessly for years to work up the Jewish cemetery Trieste - voluntarily and with great passion.

About the Jewish cemetery Trieste there is the beautiful DVD "Hidden Treasure" (Italian with English subtitles) and the brochure Il Giardino dell'Eternità (Italian), both available from the Jewish community of Trieste. Finally, it is very beautiful Carlo e Vera Wagner Museum recommended in Trieste.

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