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Catherine (Chaya) Tachauer, 27-28. Tammuz 653 (= Tuesday / Wednesday, 11-12. July 1893)

Location Number: 631

The grave inscription

Inscription Katharina Tachauer: Line righteous transcription and translation
[1] H (ier is) g (eborgen) Pat
[2] the significant and charitable woman, [a daughter Large] Justification and important woman in [a large]
[3] F (vegetables) Chaja, From animal
[4] [Wife] of the rabbi, the great light, [Wife] great luminary Rabbi
[5] the Moses Morenu Itziq Tachau, d (as memory) d (it just) (to be preserved ÖGE) m. Muh 'Moses AITSO takhoy ztsl
[6] Her soul departed at [27] Tammuz of the year Expired on [AA] Year
[7] 653 n (ah) K (linen) Z (eitrechnung). Trng Peck
[8] Their share in life was a shrewd mind in all its activities. חSuffered a life that all good actions
[9] There they worshiped their children in their ways [...] יRespect Construction on the way [...]
[10] Their fame, they increased by their successful work. הNamed growth ably actions
[11] She enjoyed the success of their work all their days. טWith the good traded all her life
[12] She held firmly to the deeds of their ancestors in the house of her husband. אPractical breast at her husband's fathers
[13] His honorable instruction was their joy and light. כBode Its conception was joy and light
[14] She was eager to accompany their children to the Torah and to worship. וManage Construction of Torah and wishes
[15] The retaliation of their justice might be in [Heaven] for them. יWas a reward righteousness in [Saudi] to the [...]
[16] (Be involved ÖGE) I (hre) S (Eele) m i (m Confederation) d (it lives). Tntzbh


Line 4: Genesis 1,16 Great lights, In rabbinic literature honorary title for large rabbis (in Israel).

Line 5: Morenu literally means "u (ur) L (ehrer), H (err)". The Morenu title received only very learned men, Bernhard Wachstein called him a "synagogue doctorate" (see Bernhard Wachstein, The inscriptions of the Old Jewish cemetery in Vienna, the first part of 1540 (?) - 1670, the second part from 1696 to 1783, Vienna 1912, part 2, p 15).

Line 6: Catherine (Chaya) Tachau (s) (see below Biographical Notes) died on 12 July 1893 at 12 noon, according Matrikeneintrag. That would be the 28th of Tammuz 653. However, in the Hebrew grave inscription I read more of the 27 Tammuz, therefore 11 July.
The date of death led me originally astray, thanks Smuel Jaari (see below comment) I could now verify the date of death. While 1993 actually to Explored = 656 = 1896 looked like, I recognize now the last letter in more detail, namely TrngSo 1893. Also, month, and day appear to be legible to me:

Line 10: See. Ecclesiastes 4.4 "... any successful action ..." All for action ....

Line 11: Proverbs 31:18 "she feels the success of their work" Taste that good traded.

Line 13: Maybe it is Teachings to read. It would then have to "The honor of His (God's) Torah ..." be translated.

Ester 8,16 Light and joy, See. Also Psalm 91:11 "A light shines the righteous and joy to the people with a pure heart" Light seed righteous and righteous joy:.

Line 15: See. Psalm 68.5 "... the (god) riding on the clouds ..." ... ride on bail .... bail is also the name of one of the seven heavens (see Babylonian Talmud, Tractate Chagiga 12b, etc.).

Line 8-15: Acrostic: The first letter give the Hebrew first name and the last name of the deceased (Chaja Tachau).

biographical notes

Kthrin (Cj) Tchauar, Born Eibnitz-Alt, d. 76 years "marasmus senilis" (= old age), in Unterberg-Eisenstadt = 27 Tammuz 653 on July 11, 1893. The death record we find as Death 12 July 1893 12 noon. It is entered as "widowed".

Sterbeeintrag Katharina Tachau, 12. Juli 1893 in Eisenstadt

Death record Katharina Tachau, July 12, 1893 in Eisenstadt

Father: David Eibnitz-Old from Moravia, 43 years rabbi in Kobersdorf d. at the age of 75 years on 24 Nisan 610 (= 06 April 1850) in Kobersdorf.

Grabstein Rabbiner David Alt, 24. Nisan 610 = 06. April 1850, Kobersdorf

Grave stone Rabbi David Old 24 Nisan 610 = 06 April 1850 Kobersdorf

Husband: Izsak (Mose Itziq) TachauerGesture. 25. Ijjar 647 (= 19 May 1887)

Matrikeneintrag Hochzeit Isak Tachau und Katharina Eibnitz(-Alt), 25. März 1836 in Kobersdorf

Matrikeneintrag wedding Isak Tachau and Catherine Eibnitz (-Alt), March 25, 1836 in Kobersdorf

Material and dimensions of the grave stone

Kalksandste's, 135/57/17

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