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Karl (Josef Efraim, Gumprech) Gabriel, 19 Sivan 655 (= Monday, June 10, 1895)

Location Number: 315

  • Grabstein Gabriel Karl - 10. Juni 1895

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  • Grabstein Gabriel Karl - 10. Juni 1895

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The grave inscription

Inscription Gumprech Gabriel: Line righteous transcription and translation
[1] H (ier is) b (egraben) Penn
[2] a man of noble spirit and impeccable conduct, Man expensive spirit that walks uprightly
[3] the Hon and viewed, the head of the church Dear Officer and Head of the Community
[4] Board of d (s) Ch (evra) Q (adischa) and various brotherhoods Gabay Dh"k and companies
[5] d (s honest) H (err) Josef Efraim, named Twenty-fifth of Joseph, Ephraim anthem
[6] Gumprech Gabriel. Gomfrc Gabrial
[7] He died i (n good) N (amen) at the age of 60 years He died sixty years old Bs"t
[8] 19 of the month Sivan 655 n (ah) K (linen) Z (eitrechnung). On the nineteenth renewed attempt Trnh octavo
[9] A g (Otte)-fearing man who was humble and deserves the praise. The modest man he saw Nava Tehila
[10] Morning and evening he got up every day to prayer and worship. And he rose and Maariv daily discourse of the blandly
[11] Strictly he adhered to the commandments G (Otte) and was a man with the right properties. The commandments compiler and a proper footage
[12] As head (the community), it dealt honestly with the affairs of the public. France deals faith for public purposes
[13] With his brothers, he was popular and outstanding among the leaders of his community. Great brother preferably between heads of his congregation
[14] All complain and whine dejected about his death. Everyone mourn and be putting forward mournful death
[15] His children he taught to walk in his ways, Even the New instructed to go Barhotio
[16] they recognized the sincerity of his work and walked in his footsteps. See corporate and integrity were followed
[17] His salary he should come before the God of the spirits His reward came before the God of the spirits
[18] and rest in the shadow of the Almighty on the heavenly rest camps. Ill enough to complain clover onion
[19] S (a) S (Eele) m (ÖGE be involved) i (m Confederation) d (it lives). T'n'tz'b'h '


Inscription Gumprech Gabriel base: Line righteous transcription and translation
[1] Onion B. G.


Line 2: Proverbs 17:27 Walker (K: expensive) wind.

Proverbs 28:18 Going Innocent; see. also Psalm 15.2. Babylonian Talmud, Tractate Makkot 24a sets the immaculate wanderers with Abraham equal ... It's going naive Abraham ... with reference to Genesis 17.1 "... he (the Lord) said to (Abraham): ... be blameless."

Line 4: The "Chevra Qadischa" is a charity organization whose task primarily lies in the care of destitute sick and burial of deceased persons.

Line 7: Buy a good name, See. Berachot 17a "... healing the man who ... died with a good name ..." ... Blessed ... who died in the name of good ...; see. Also Babylonian Talmud, Tractate Avot II, 8 "... he has earned a good name, it has acquired some merit" ... Buy a good reputation, has acquired ..., The good name is unlike any other spiritual and moral goods almost exclusively benefit the owner and remains even after the death of his own (Hirsch Samson Raphael, Siddur. Israel's prayers, Zurich-Basel 1992 443); s. also Avot IV, 7 "... Three Crowns are available: the crown of Torah, the crown of priesthood and the crown of kingship; the crown of a good name but rises above it " ... Three Crowns are: Keter Torah crown of priesthood and the crown: the crown of a good name surpasses them.

Line 10: Psalm 147,1 Nava Tehila.

Line 10: See. Psalm 55.18 "In the evening, in the morning ...sigh I…" Dinner and visit ... Asihh ... S. esp. Rashi on the spot, the Asihh from the root discourse starting as "pray" interpreted and specifically the Schacharit, minchah and Ma'ariv (morning, afternoon and evening prayer) means.

Line 12: Tosefta, the Treaty Brachot I, 4; vgl. II, 6 Absorb themselves for public purposes etc. The verse points to a public office in the community and is found almost exclusively in grave inscriptions of the third and fourth row, so on grave stones of outstanding scholars who immediately behind the (upper) were rabbis and Rabbinatsassessoren in the church hierarchy.

Line 13: See. Deuteronomy 33,24 "... with his brothers he (Ash) popular .." ... Let desirable brother ... and esters 10.3 "... and loved by all his tribal brothers ..." ... preferably Rabbi brother ....

Line 14: See. Isaiah 16.7 "... her moans, very contrite ..." (as Buber-Rosenzweig) Old behavior but mournful.

Line 17: Numbers 16:22; 27,16 God of the spirits, S. esp. Rashi to the place where the spirits of all be understood as carnal and God as one who knows the thoughts of every human being. "Ghosts"

Line 9-17: Acrostic: The first letter as well as the first letter of each of the second and third word in line 15 of the second word in line 16 and the whole of the first word in line 17 provide the first and last name of the deceased (Gumprech Gabriel).

Line 18: Psalm 91,1 In the shadow of the Almighty complains, Psalm 91 is one of the psalms in the morning prayer for Shabbat and holidays and is said on the way from the cemetery hall to the funeral site three times (he will not say on Friday afternoon or the day before a holiday after 12 pm).

biographical notes

Karl (Karl Josef Ephraim Gumprecht) Gabriel, Businessman in Eisenstadt, d. At age 60 of a stroke in Unterberg Eisenstadt.

Matriken Tod Karl Gabriel

Matriken Tod Karl Gabriel

Father: Ahron (Abraham ben Gumperich Stampe) Gabriel, D. May 29, 1849, buried in the older Jewish cemetery in Eisenstadt
Mother: Theresia Gabriel, D. 29 February 1888


Flora / Fans (Feigele) Gabriel, Born September 22, 1849 in Eisenstadt, was the second wife of Leopold StegerSee more information here !, died April 12, 1928 in Dunajska Streda (Slovakia / Slovakia).

Sarl Gabriel, D. 02 September 1858 buried in the older Jewish cemetery in Eisenstadt

partitioned off Gabriel, D. 04 August 1872 buried at the older Jewish cemetery in Eisenstadt

Chajjim Gabriel, D. April 16, 1869, buried in the older Jewish cemetery in Eisenstadt

Wife: Rosalia (Sarl) Gabriel, Go. Age of 34 on January 27, 1869 in Eisenstadt

Matriken Hochzeit Karl und Rosalia  Gabriel

Register books Wedding Charles Gabriel and Gabriel Rosalia

Matriken Hochzeit Karl und Rosalia  Gabriel

Register books Wedding Charles Gabriel and Gabriel Rosalia

Son: Alois (Ezriel) Lazarus, D. 02 October 1931

Material and dimensions of the grave stone

Diorit, 190/80/40

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