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Mary (Miriam) Wernsdorfer 08 Tevet 665 (= Friday, December 16, 1904)

Location Number: 924

  • Grabstein Werndorfer Maria - 16. Dezember 1904

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  • Grabstein Werndorfer Maria - 16. Dezember 1904

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The grave inscription

Maria inscription Wernsdorfer: Line righteous transcription and translation
[1] The modest and efficient, unmarried woman. Virgin modest and important
[2] H (ier is) g (eborgen) PT
[3] Fr (au) Mirjam Wernsdorfer a (uf it was) F (riede). Mr. Miriam and Oarndarfar h
[4] She died on V (orabend of) h (piece) Sch (abbat), the [8.] Tevet 665 n (oh the small calendar). Dead on wasteland (h) Teresa of Tevet
[5] She was g (Otte) fearing of her youth, wise Fear of her youth was the good of all
[6] and pure heart; loved by all her acquaintances. Innocent and beloved of all acquaintances
[7] Provided them [their home] with their own labor. (The house was) (d) reaches labor economics
[8] In honesty [...] it will remain forever Faith (... Best) will remain forever
[9] […] Sister and brother. (…) sister and brother
[10] The name [her mother was ...] (F) where (...)
[11] (Be involved ÖGE) I (hre) S (Eele) m i (m Confederation) d (it lives). Tntzbh


Line 1: The first line is written in the arch, so taken out of context. See. Babylonian Talmud, Tractate Shabbat 53b "... modest is the woman ..." Modest woman and 59b "... an important woman ..." Important wife u.a.

Line 5: 1 Samuel 25,3 Good of all.

biographical notes

Maria (Miriam) WernsdorferHousehold appliances; b in protecting, died at age 47 of a heart attack. (parish registers. died Dec. 18, 1904, reported on 18 December). The disagreement with the Hebrew date could not be determined. Anyway, is hard to imagine that was reported on Sunday, December 18, the Death would of course be possible; wh: shooters 15th

Father: Henrik Wernsdorfer
Mutter: Betty/i / Babette Boskowitz

Sister: Rosalia / Sali (Sara, Sarl) Brown born, Wernsdorfer, D. 09 February 1916

Material and dimensions of the grave stone

Kalksandste's, 105/58/19

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