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Karl (Kalonymus) Schneider, 12 Sivan 671 (= Thursday, 08 June 1911)

Location Number: 324

  • Grabstein Schneider Karl - 08. Juni 1911

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  • Grabstein Schneider Karl - 08. Juni 1911

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The grave inscription

Karl Schneider inscription: Line righteous transcription and translation
[1] H (ier is) g (eborgen) Pat
[2] a blameless and upright man, old and respected, Man perfect and upright, dignified old
[3] d (s honest) H (err) Kalonymus Schneider, a (uf it is) F (riede). Kh"h klunimus Schneider e"h
[4] S (the soul) g (ing away) 12 Sivan 671 n (ah) K (linen) Z (eitrechnung). There is currently no experience Traa, folio L.
[5] He was a learned, seeking God man, An educated man who takes the Lord,
[6] of justice and decency loved. Sela. He rose every day for transition Justice and righteousness like Celle. Rose early every day
[7] the house of prayer. He tried to feed his house Chapel. Struggled to support his
[8] in love. He was successful, accomplished great and belonged Faith. Succeeded and prospered, and was
[9] the guests of honor of the community. Among the leaders of the community, he distinguished himself Respected members of the community, the community leaders had
[10] by counsel and understanding. He taught them a devoted father to his sons Tip loyal and resourceful father raised his sons
[11] the ways of Torah and the fear of God. Ways of Torah and fear.
[12] Full of days he was when the time of his release came; Seven days was when his suit arrived,
[13] he will rest in the shadow of the Almighty in the height of the firmament. Onion complain enough zenith!
[14] S (a) S (Eele) m (ÖGE be involved) i (m Confederation) d (it lives). Tntzbh


Inscription Karl Schneider socket: Line righteous transcription and translation
[1] Friedlander & German, Vienna
[2] Tmh


Line 2: Job 1,8; 2,3 And upright man.

Isaiah 9,14 Old and venerable.

Line 5: See. 2 Chronicles 22.9 "... he who sought the Lord with all your heart ...".

Line 6: See. Psalm 47.5 "... the pride of Jacob whom he loves." "Sela" is a technical term not clarified for music and recitation of Psalm literature.

Line 7: Cf.. 1 Kings 4,7 "... and they took care of the king and his house ..." ... economies King and Atbito ....

Line 8: Psalm 118,15.16 u.a. Doing well.

Line 9.10: Proverbs 8:14 My advice and resourceful.

Line 12: Genesis 35,29; Ijob 42,17 Seven days; similar 1 Chronicles 23.1.

See. Of Palestinian Talmud, Tractate Berachot II, 8,5c "But if a scholar dies, who brings us his replacement? But a scholar who died who brings us his suit.

Line 13: Psalm 91,1 Upper secret, The Psalm is one of the psalms in the morning prayer for Shabbat and holidays and is said on the way from the cemetery hall to the funeral site three times (he will not say on Friday afternoon or the day before a holiday after 12 pm). See. Also Psalm 119.114 "You are my refuge and my shield ..." Secrets of panels you ....

Socket Line 2: The Hebrew letters on the right side of the base probably designate an earlier numbering of the grave stone (value: 448).

biographical notes

Karl (Kalonymus) Schneider, Born Private, 1821, d. 90 years of pneumonia.

Matriken Tod Karl Schneider

Parish registers death Karl Schneider

Father: Josef Schneider, D. October 07, 1863, buried at the Jewish cemetery older Eisenstadt
Mother: (most likely) Babette (Bella Chaja) Löwy, D. 09 November 1861 buried at the Jewish cemetery older Eisenstadt

wife: Anna (Online) Austerlitz, Go 06 August 1846 in Eisenstadt, registered name. (.. S Trauungsmatriken u) Netti, died January 15, 1906th

Matriken Hochzeit Anna Austerlitz und Karl Schneider

Register books Wedding Anna Austerlitz and Karl Schneider

Charlotte / Lotti / Charlotte Schneider, Born May 30, 1851 (wrong in the home of roles: May 28, 1852), birthplace and home. Eisenstadt, go 06 January 1875 in Eisenstadt Samu / Samuel (Salman) coach / Breyer / Breuer / Brauer, D. 09 December 1887

Matriken Geburt Charlotte Schneider

Parish registers birth Charlotte Schneider

Pauline Schneider, Born 09 June 1865 Mother: Betti (sic)

Samuel Schneider, Born 09 August 1847, d. 05 May 1928 in Eisenstadt

Bernard/Bernath/Beno Schneider, D. 20 May 1937 in Eisenstadt

Sigmund (Paltiel) Schneider, D. 08 October 1916

Material and dimensions of the grave stone

Gabbro, 200/80/39

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