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Betti (Barbara, Blumele) Wärndorfer 07 Kislev 686 (= Monday, November 23, 1925)

Location Number: 617

  • Grabstein Betti Wärndorfer - 23. November 1925

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  • Grabstein Betti Wärndorfer - 23. November 1925

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The grave inscription

Inscription Betti Waerndorfer: Line righteous transcription and translation
[1] H (ier is) g (eborgen) Pat
[2] a significant, elderly and g (Otte) fearing woman Woman important and blunted the fear of God
[3] F (rough) Blumele, a (uf it was) F (riede) Mr. Blimla h
[4] Wife CHAVER, d (it honest) H (err) Meir, R (eb) Woman boyfriend twenty-fifth of Meyer
[5] Wärndorfer. varndarfer
[6] An excellent wife, the crown of her husband, Woman of Valor crown of her husband
[7] the favorite of their children, the splendor of her house, Beloved sons Flor,
[8] a good and devoted mother. Powerful If mighty good and faithful
[9] was their desire to raise their children on Construction wishes to raise the
[10] the path of decency and faith. Through honesty and Shannon
[11] The memory of it will not disappear from her husband Memory will not fade from her husband
[12] and from the hearts of their children they loved as himself. And the heart of sons who loved her own devices
[13] I (hre soul) g (ing away) 7 Kislew the year 686 n (ah) K (linen) Z (eitrechnung). YN M Kislev T"r"f"o octavo
[14] (Be involved ÖGE) I (hre) S (Eele) m i (m Confederation) d (it lives). Tntzbh
[15] Rip
[16] Betti Wärndorfer
[17] died on November 23, 1925


Line 2: Babylonischer Talmud, Traktat Schabbat 59b Important wife. u.a.

Lines 8: See. Genesis 49:10 "... the obedience of the peoples" Ikht nations; Proverbs 30.17 "... and the old mother ..." Likht if; s. to Targum and Rashi commentary on the place where Blunted (Lit. "Obedience" is interpreted as "old age, old age."

Lines 9/10: Proverbs 12.4.

biographical notes

Betti (Barbara, Blumele) Wärndorfer, Born merchant assistant, Rosenberger 07 July 1855 in Eisenstadt, Judengasse 21, ibid. Resident, daughter of William Rosenberger and the Rebekah Joachim from Eisenstadt, d. on November 23, 1935 at 23 o'clock (so grave inscription line 13, so already on the 07th of Kislev!)

Matriken Geburt Betti Rosenberger

Parish registers birth Betti Rosenberger

Matriken Tod Betty

Matriken Tod Betty Wärndorfer

Father: William Rosenberger
Mother: Rebekka Joachim

Husband: Hermann (Meir Zvi) Wärndorfer, Go. December 16, 1879 in Eisenstadt, d. 15 October 1929. Hermann was at the time of the wedding 26 years (in the wrong Trauungsmatriken 28 years), Betti 22 years old.

Matriken Hochzeit Meier Waerndorfer und Betti Rosenberger

Parish registers wedding Meier Wärndorfer and Betti Rosenberger

Therese (Resi) Wärndorfer, Born 08 November 1880 in shooters, ibid living (Hebrew first name of the father, as in the Trauungsmatriken "Meier"). Died October 17, 1881 at 11 months in Protect (see below Sterbematriken: Last name "Were villages").

Matriken Geburt Resi Wärndorfer

Parish registers birth Resi Wärndorfer

Matriken Tod Theresia Werendorfer

Register books death Theresia Wärndorfer

Gisel (l) a white Berger, tailor born, Wärndorfer, Born January 27, 1882 in shooters, ibid living (Hebrew first name of the father, as in the Trauungsmatriken "Meier"). Go, August 27, 1905. Adolf Weißenberger, Born tailor, July 11, 1879 in Nagymagyar, wh .: Moson (Wieselburg, Hungary), son of Moses Weißberger, Schneider from Senec (western Slovakia) and the Charlotte Schaffer from Senec.

Matriken Geburt Gisella Wärndorfer

Parish registers birth Gisella Wärndorfer

  • Matriken Hochzeit Gisella Wärndorfer und Adolf Weißberger

    Wedding Gisella Wärndorfer and Adolf Weißenberger

  • Matriken Hochzeit Gisella Wärndorfer und Adolf Weißberger

    Wedding Gisella Wärndorfer and Adolf Weißenberger

Elsa Wärndorfer, Born August 02, 1884 in shooters, ibid resident (the father's first name: "Maria").

Matriken Geburt Elsa Wärndorfer

Parish registers birth Elsa Wärndorfer

Johanna (Minna) Markus, Born Wärndorfer May 30, 1887 (birth as "Minna" not in the Eisenstadt register books, "only" in the home roles as "Minna" lists; first name father: "Mayer"), go (as "Johanna Wernsdorfer") March 16, 1919. Adolf (Abraham) Markus, Merchant's assistant in Eisenstadt, later owner of a dry goods business in Eisenstadt, High Street 23, born September 15, 1878, d. October 18, 1936 in Vienna, buried in Eisenstadt, son of Max Markus and the Rosalia pot, Minna (Johanna) died on 26 October 1948 in Eisenstadt.

Matriken Geburt Johanna Wärndorfer

Parish registers birth Johanna Wärndorfer

Matriken Hochzeit Johanna Wärndorfer und Adolf Markus

Parish registers wedding Johanna Wärndorfer and Adolf Markus

Malvina Trebitsch born, Wärndorfer . September 26, 1888 in Protect 113, ibid resident (Father Occupation: dealer, first name: Hermann), go on Feb. 28, 1921. Leopold Trebitsch, A businessman from Baden born, August 17, 1880, son of Heinrich Trebitsch, D. 22 March 1922, and the Sophie Kohn, Malvina Trebitsch died on 12 October 1977 in Eisenstadt (see below Addendum in Trauungsmatriken).

The dry goods business of her brother Adolf Markus, Husband of her sister Johanna (Minna) (see above), Malvinas son inherited Heinrich Trebitsch, Born December 28, 1921 in Baden, d. October 13, 2013 in Eisenstadt, buried Vienna, Central Cemetery, Gate IV.
Heinrich Trebitsch married on September 13, 1951 Lilly Franziska Walden, Born 05 December 1923 in Vienna IX, d. 03 April 2005 in Eisenstadt.
Their son Thomas (Tommy) Trebitsch lives with his two children in Eisenstadt.

Matriken Geburt Malvina Wärndorfer

Parish registers birth Malvina Wärndorfer

Matriken Hochzeit Malvina Wärndorfer und Leopold Trebitsch

Parish registers wedding Malvina Wärndorfer and Leopold Trebitsch

Friederike (Frida) szemere, Born Wärndorfer (Wernsdorfer!) Born, November 29, 1890 in Eisenstadt (first name father: "Mayer" below Geburtsmatriken)., Go November 21, 1918 Eugen szemere, Private employee in Eisenstadt born, October 03, 1881 Son of Alexander Steppinger and the pink Black (Parents at the time of marriage already deceased).
Eugen Szemere war schon einmal verheiratet, mit Julia (Janka) Fürst (= Anna / Johanna (Janka; Chana) Szemeré, geb. Fürst, gest. 23. April 1916), geh. 25. Dezember 1911, war daher bei der Hochzeit mit Friederike verwitwet.
Eugen Szemere died on August 22, 1952 in Budapest (see below Addendum in Trauungsmatriken).

Matriken Geburt Frida Wärndorfer

Parish registers birth Frida Wärndorfer

Matriken Hochzeit Friederike Wärndorfer und Eugen Szemere

Parish registers wedding Friederike Wärndorfer and Eugene Szemere

Heinrich Wärndorfer, Born 20 July 1883 in shooters, ibid living (Hebrew first name of the father, as in the Trauungsmatriken "Meier"). D, 09 March 1884.? (In the Sterbematriken with "six months" and without giving the parents, so not sure)

Matriken Geburt Heinrich Wärndorfer

Parish registers birth Heinrich Wärndorfer

Sigmund Wärndorfer, geb. 09. Dezember 1885 in Serez, Ungarn, zuständig Eisenstadt, geh. 12. August 1923 in Baden Helene Kohn, geb. 07. August 1900 in Baden, zuständig Baden, Tochter des Jakob Kohn and the Netti Reisch.
Sigmund Wärndorfer starb am 08. April 1948 in Buenos Aires, Helene am 05. Juni 1990 auch in Buenos Aires.

Über die gemeinsame Tochter Erika siehe Kommentar von Traude Triebel bei ‚Holocaust-Denkmal in Eisenstadt – Einladung zum Diskurs‘!

Alexander Wärndorfer, Born 1896? (No Geburtsmatrikeneintrag in Eisenstadt), d. April 18, 1916

Material and dimensions of the grave stone

Quarzit, 210/75/38

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