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Wilhelm (Benjamin Seev) Hirschenhauser 09 Av 670 (= Sunday, August 14, 1910)

Location Number: 306

  • Grabstein Hirschenhauser Wilhelm - 14. August 1910

    Photos 1993

  • Grabstein Hirschenhauser Wilhelm - 14. August 1910

    Photo August 2017

Grabstein Hirschenhauser Wilhelm - 14. August 1910

Photo August 2017

The grave inscription

Inscription Hirschenhauser Wilhelm: Line righteous transcription and translation
[1] H (ier is) b (egraben) Penn
[2] a righteous man with impeccable conduct, An innocent man going straight
[3] d (s) e (hrenhafte) H (err) Benjamin Seev Mountain 'Theodore
[4] Hirschenhauser, a (uf it was) F (riede). הירשענהויזער ע”ה
[5] S (the soul) g (ing away) 9 Av 670 n (ah) K (linen) Z (eitrechnung). ינ ביום ט באב תרע לפ”ק
[6] he was God-fearing from his youth, the rights he did, God saw his youth justice worker
[7] Modest he walked in the ways of G (Otte) in order to meet his commandments. Walk humbly in God's ways, to keep his commandments
[8] As a son, he honored his father and his mother and supported them in our day Son honors his father and mother and nowadays vocal champion
[9] with a willing mind. He loved his family and the relatives Willingly, like his relatives and sons
[10] his family and had them a helper and supporter Family and had a helper and savior
[11] in the time when they married their daughters. When they had married their daughters to people -
[12] Early in the morning he went daily in the prayer house and was Rose early each day to prayer and was
[13] a friend of all who feared G (ott)
and all the holy Communities
Member fearing God and all holy Companies
[14] our community. Which Bkhltno.
[15] His mother's name was Tessa. And his mother Rizal
[16] S (a) S (Eele) m (ÖGE be involved) i (m Confederation) d (it lives). Tntzbh.


Inscription Hirschenhauser William: Line righteous transcription and translation
[1] Friedlander & German


August 2017: The grave stone is broken from its base, on its site. We will in the next few weeks, try to position it at least better in the series. Photo update follows.

Line 2: Proverbs 21.2 An honest man; vgl. Ijob 1,8; 2,3 “ein untadeliger und rechtschaffener Mann…” ... a simple man and honest ....

Proverbs 28:18. Babylonian Talmud, Tractate Makkot 24a sets the immaculate wanderers with Abraham equal This naive going Abraham mit Verweis auf Genesis 17,1 “… er (der Herr) sprach zu ihm (Abraham): … sei rechtschaffen” ... And he said to him ... and he was innocent:.

Line 6: Psalm 15,2 And follow justice; see note. z. Line 2.

Line 7: See. Micha 6.8 And modesty; Processions: Das Wort wurde offensichtlich aus Gründen des Reimes gewöhlt (wörtl.: “Bescheiden zu gehen mit Gott, waren ihre Umgänge”). S. dazu babylonischer Talmud, Trakat Makkot 24a “…(das heißt) ‘einem Verstorbenen das Geleit geben und eine Braut unter den Baldachin führen’. Nun ist (durch einen Schluss) vom Leichteren auf das Schwerere zu folgern: wenn die Tora von Dingen, die öffentlich zu erfolgen pflegen, gesagt hat: ‘und bescheiden zu gehen’, um wieviel mehr gilt dies von Dingen, die heimlich erfolgen sollen…” ..זו הוצאת המת והכנסת כלה לחופה והלא דברים ק”ו ומה דברים שדרכן לעשותן בפרהסיא אמרה תורה הצנע לכת דברים שדרכן לעשותן בצנעא על אחת כמה וכמה….

Line 8: Vgl. Maleachi 1,6 “Der Sohn ehrt seinen Vater…” Ben honor father ....

Line 9: 1Ch 28.9 And willingly.

Line 10: Vgl. Jesaja 63,8 “…Er wurde ihr Retter (in jeder Not)” ... And there was a Savior.

Line 13: Vgl. Psalm 119,63 “Ich bin ein Freund all derer, die dich fürchten…” Member I am all that Iraoc ....

biographical notes

Wilhelm (Benjamin Seev) Hirschenhauser, Born Private, June 23, 1837 in Eisenstadt, died in the 74th year on August 14, 1910 at 05 o'clock in the morning in Eisenstadt from scurvy. wh .: Unterberg-Eisenstadt

Matriken Geburt Wilhelm Seev Hirschenhauser

Parish registers birth Wilhelm Seev Hirschenhauser

Matriken Tod Wilhelm / Vilmos Hirschenhauser

Register books death Wilhelm / Vilmos Hirschenhauser

Father: Ignaz (Isaac ben Benjamin Benusch) Hirschenhauser, Bandel Kramer, d. 72 years on May 08, 1873 buried in the older Jewish cemetery in Eisenstadt

Mother: Theresia (Resl) Hirschenhauser, b wolf in Mattersdorf, private, wh .: Unterberg-Eisenstadt 7, daughter of Wolfgang Wolf (formerly), Go. 28 July 1836 in Eisenstadt, d. With 89 years on 30 March 1889 in Eisenstadt from a stroke

Netti / Nanette / Ester Berger, geb. Hirschenhauser 14. März 1841 in Eisenstadt, geh. 21. November 1863 David Berger, D. 24 November 1872

Rosalia / Rosi Hirschenhauser, Born February 05, 1843 in Eisenstadt, go. In Eisenstadt 01 May 1878 Josef Benedict, Dealer died. January 18, 1909? Rosalia Benedict died on May 31, 1929 in Eisenstadt

Benedict / Bernhard / Bernat deer Hauser, Born peddler January 19, 1839 in Eisenstadt, go. 06 May 1875 in Eisenstadt Josefine Rosenberger, Daughter of Philipp (Caleb called Feibel) Rosenberger and the Theresia / Resi (Rachel Resl) Bernhardt and sister of Fanni (Vögele / Feigele) RosenbergerHis brother William's wife, see below) Jacob / Ignatz (Yochanan) Rosenberger and Adolf (Benjamen / Aaron) Rosenberger.
Benedict / Bernhard / Bernat deer Hauser, died. 18 March 1918

More information about the sisters and the brother and Matrikenbilder see with father Ignatz Hirschenhauser.

Wife: Fan(n)i (Vögele/Feigele) Rosenberger, Daughter of Philipp (Caleb called Feibel) Rosenberger and Theresia / Resi Bernhardt and sister of Josefine RosenbergerHis brother's wife Benedikt / Bernhard / Bernat (s.o.), Jacob / Ignatz (Yochanan) Rosenberger and Adolf (Benjamen / Aaron) Rosenberger .
Fan (s) i Rosenberger and Wilhelm Hirschenhauser, go. May 19, 1870 in Eisenstadt, wh .: shooters. William was at the wedding 33 years, Fani 28 years old, both single.
Fanni Hirschenhauser, d. With 73 years on 09 April 1915 (25 Nisan 675, see below year timeline) of old age

Matriken Hochzeit Wilhelm Hirschenhauser und Fani Rosenberger

Register books Wedding William Hirschenhauser and Fani Rosenberger
Synagogalname “Wolf” (= Seev)

Matriken Tod Fanni Hirschenhauser

Parish registers death Fanni deer Hauser

Jahrzeittafel Vögele Hirschenhauser

Year Chronology Vögele Hirschenhauser
Year panel installation in the synagogue of our museum

Year Chronology of Vögele Hirschenhauser - translation:

Year Chronology Vögele Hirschenhauser: Line righteous transcription and translation
[1] Jahrzei (t) of Journey 'of
[2] Woman Vögele / Feigele The woman Figla
[3] Hirschenhauser, hirshenhoyzer
[4] Daughter of Rachel Tessa. Daughter Rachel Rizal
[5] 25. April כ”ה ניסן
[6] 675 Will tend

Line 4: After all, we learn through the years Chronology full Hebrew name of Theresa Bernhardt, married. Hirschenhauser, the mother of fan (s) i Hirschenhauser. Rachel Tessa (s at father Philipp (Caleb called Feibel) Rosenberger.

For detailed information on the year and the year panel installation in the synagogue of the museum in the article year.

Material and dimensions of the grave stone

Diorit, 180/70/36

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