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Max / Miksa (Meir) Seg "al Lazarus, 01. March I 673 (= Schablik, 08. Februar 1913)

Location Number: 202

The grave inscription

Inscription Max Lazarus: Line righteous transcription and translation
[1] {} Levitenkrug {Pitcher of prisoners}
[2] H (ier is) g (eborgen) Pat
[3] a wise in properties and works and noble man. A wise and valuable are the attributes and actions
[4] He loved the Torah and learned them from his youth. Like the Torah and those who study the Core
[5] His sons and daughters he brought in the right direction. Instructed his sons and daughters smoothly
[6] In piety, he dealt with the works of charity. Business righteousness and charity
[7] d (er löbliche) H (err), the Meir Morenu If "gal Messrs Mhor"r Meyer S"gl
[8] from d (he holy) G (emeinde) Vienna, the capital, MCC Vienna DC
[9] Son (es) (lead adhere) H (err) Eleasar, s (a memory) (to be preserved ÖGE) m d e, Ben Harar, Elazar
[10] Lazarus, Latzaros
[11] Descendant of the most learned rabbi, Great-grandson of the gaon
[12] the Morenu Meir Fischel, the R (abbiners and) V (orsitzenden) d (es) G (erichtshofes) i (n s) h (piece) G (emeinde) Prague. Mhor"r Meyer Fisls R"ab"d congregation Prague
[13] He died on h (piece) Sch (abbat), 1 Adar I 673 n (ah) K (linen) Z (eitrechnung). Shek died on Adar Rishon Trag octavo
[14] S (a) S (Eele) m (ÖGE be involved) i (m Confederation) d (it lives). Tntzbh


August 2017: The grave stone is broken from the base and into two parts, which we will try in the next few weeks to position contiguous. Photo update follows.

Line 7 and 12: Morenu literally means "u (ur) L (ehrer), H (err)". The Morenu title received only very learned men, Bernhard Wachstein called him a "synagogue doctorate" (see Bernhard Wachstein, The inscriptions of the Old Jewish cemetery in Vienna, the first part of 1540 (?) - 1670, the second part from 1696 to 1783, Vienna 1912, part 2, p 15).

Line 11: great grandchild lit .: "grandson" Max Lazarus is the great grandson of the below named, su "Biographical Notes".

biographical notes

Max / mixer (Meir Seg "al) Lazarus., Died 08 February 1913 in Vienna, according to (see below) Sterbematriken with 88 years of old age. (Just as lt obituary of the family "in the 89 years of life," below.); wh .: Wien II, Upper Danube Street 57th

Max Lazarus is the grandson of Moses ben Meir Fischels, D. 07 December 1833 the great-grandson of the late chairman of the 1769 Rabbinatskollegiums Meir ben Efraim Fischel Bumslau by his second wife Ritschel, daughter of mayor's Simon Frankl. He was a man of great erudition, but not averse to even the modern knowledge. More information at Moses Fischels, D. 07 December 1833 buried at the older Jewish cemetery in Eisenstadt

Matriken Tod Miksa Lazarus

Tod Matriken Miksa Lazarus

Sterbeanzeige Max Lazarus

Obituary Max Lazarus, Neue Freie Presse, February 10, 1913 Page 13

Father: Lazar (Wolf Eleazar ben ha-Levi) Lazarus from Opava, D. August 27, 1847, buried in the older Jewish cemetery in Eisenstadt
Mother: Ester / Ernestine? Lazarus, D. 02 March 1877

Wife: Catherine Pollak, daughter of Löwy Pollak and the Regina (Pollak), Bratislava, Terezin 138, go. July 11, 1867 in Eisenstadt, d. October 14, 1924 in Vienna. Max Lazarus, private employee, at the wedding wh .: Vienna, Lilienbrunngasse 6, was 37 years, Catherine 21 years old, both single.
The first name of the mother of Max Lazarus in the Trauungsmatriken (see below) is "Ernestine"!

Matriken Hochzeit Max Lazarus und Katharina Pollak

Parish registers wedding Max Lazarus and Catherine Pollak

Matriken Sterbeanzeige Katharina Lazarus, geb. Pollak

Register books obituary Catherine Lazarus born, Pollak, Neue Freie Presse, October 17, 1924 page 22

Therese / Theresia (Resl) Lazarus, Born June 15, 1868 in Vienna, "to Eisenstadt, Sopron County, in charge," go. January 23, 1898 in Vienna Isak vulgo Ignaz boxwood"Merchant of Pressburg in Hungary native, then in charge", born July 02, 1866 Son of Markus / Max (Mordechai) BoxwoodFlour dealer and the Julie boxwood born, Weisz, Theresa was 43 years old at the wedding 38, Isak (lt. Scheidungsmatriken (!), See below, but this is wrong, Theresa was at the wedding 30 years, Isak 42 years old)

Matriken Geburt Theresia Lazarusk

Parish registers birth Theresa Lazarus

Matriken Hochzeit Theresia Lazarus und Isak Buchsbaum

Register books Wedding Theresa Lazarus and Isak boxwood

The marriage between Theresa Lazarus and Isak boxwood divorced on June 21, 1910, the separation was carried out in Vienna II on 23 January 1908th In Matrikeneintrag we find the Hebrew name "Isak called Ignaz, son of Mordechai, called Max," Therese, daughter of Meir Halevi ". The marriage was childless:

Matriken Scheidung Theresia Lazarus und Isak Buchsbaum

Register books divorce Theresa Lazarus and Isak boxwood

Pauline (Pessel) Lazarus, Born September 28, 1874, d. 14 March 1877

Matriken Geburt Pauline Lazarusk

Parish registers of birth Pauline Lazarus

Adele (Idel Zebia) Lazarus, Born Dec. 24, 1876 in Vienna, responsible to Eisenstadt, Hungary, Sopron County, go. 07 June 1903 in Vienna Jakob PollakBorn leather dealer, January 13, 1869 in Holleschau, Bohemia (continued repaired bottom right: Holleschau in Moravia), responsible to Vienna (see below Trauungsmatriken), son of Markus Pollak and the Mina Freistadt.
Adele Pollak born, Lazarus died on March 19, 1938 (see below obituary) in Vienna and was at the Central Cemetery, Gate I, buried.

Sons of Adele Lazarus and Jacob Pollak:
Arthur Pollak, Prague
Egon Max Polla, Vienna

Matriken Geburt Adele Lazarus

Parish registers birth Adele Lazarus

Matriken Hochzeit Adele Lazarus und Jakob Pollak

Parish registers wedding Adele Lazarus and Jacob Pollak

Sterbeanzeige Adele Pollak, geb. Lazarus

Obituary Adele Pollak born, Lazarus, Neue Freie Presse, May 22, 1938 Page 33

Ludwig (Eleazar) Lazarus, Born February 19, 1870 in Vienna

Matriken Geburt Ludwig Lazarus

Parish registers birth Ludwig Lazarus

Sigmund (Simon) Lazarus, Born May 28, 1872 in Vienna, died 03 March 1934 21:30 in Vienna. wh .: Wien II, Taborstraße 24 (Sanatorium Loew !; su Sterbematriken)

Josef (Joel) Lazarus, Born May 29, 1872 in Vienna

Sigmund (Simon) Lazarus and Joseph were twins, Sigmund apparently born on the night of May 28, Josef already in the early hours of May 29

Matriken Geburt Sigmund und Josef Lazarus

Parish registers birth Sigmund and Joseph Lazarus

Sigmund (Simon) Lazarus (So ​​birth), born in Vienna, responsible for Unterberg-Eisenstadt, Sopron County, go. Nov. 19, 1899 in Vienna II, house of prayer Zirkusgasse, Mathilde Bauer, Born in Vienna January 16, 1882, daughter of Hermann Bauer and the Jetti or Henriette Beck

Matriken Hochzeit Sigmund Lazarus und Mathilde Bauer

Parish registers wedding Sigmund Lazarus and Mathilde Bauer

The marriage between Sigmund (Simon) Lazarus and Mathilde Bauer divorced on August 11, 1910 the separation was lt. Scheidungsmatriken done already on 20 November 1899. As this would have been the day after the wedding, may well be a false entry! Also indicated wedding anniversary on August 27 is incorrect (see above)
In Matrikeneintrag we find the Hebrew name "Simon called Sigmund, son of called Meir Halevi Max" and "Matilda, daughter of Hermann".
The marriage had produced a daughter (see below).

Matriken Scheidung Sigmund Lazarus und Mathilde Bauer

Register books divorce Sigmund Lazarus and Mathilde Bauer

Daughter of Sigmund (Simon) Lazarus and Mathilde Bauer:
Alice Lazarus
, Born May 01, 1902 in Vienna, Large Sperlgasse 37a

Matriken Geburt Alice Lazarus

Parish registers birth Alice Lazarus

2. Before Sigmund (Simon) Lazarus. Go June 24, 1919 Olga Nagel, b Levitus 09 February 1884 in Vienna, responsible for Trnava, Hungary, widow since 11 November 1918 daughter of Heinrich Levitus and the Barbara Levitus, Born Fried

Matriken Hochzeit Sigmund Lazarus und Olga Nagel

Parish registers wedding Sigmund Lazarus and Olga Nagel

Matriken Tod Sigmund Lazarus

Matriken Tod Sigmund Lazarus

Samuel Lazarus, Born 03 April 1878 in Vienna, d. 28 March 1879 in Vienna

Matriken Geburt Samuel Lazarus

Parish registers birth Samuel Lazarus

Salomon Lazarus, Born 04 December 1879 in Vienna

Matriken Geburt Salomon

Parish registers birth Salomon Lazarus

Material and dimensions of the grave stone

Diorit, 189/73/37

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