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Theresia / Therese / Resi / Rosi (Resl) Machlup, 09. Elul 666 (= Donnerstag, 30. August 1906)

Location Number: 708

The grave inscription

Theresia inscription Machlup: Line righteous transcription and translation
[1] H (ier is) b (egraben) Penn
[2] the noble woman, Dear woman
[3] Mrs Tessa, a (uf it was) F (riede) מרת ריזל ע”ה
[4] Widow of noble and lofty Dear widow and footwear
[5] e (lead adhere) H (err) Eli (jahu) Machlup, a (uf it is) F (riede). כ”ה אלי’ מאכלופ ע”ה
[6] She died at the age of 69 years St-year-old died years
[7] R (esidenz) s (tadt) Vienna on 9 Elul בע”מ וויען ביום ט אלול
[8] the heartache of their sons and daughters, Unfortunately note sons and daughters
[9] their relatives and acquaintances. Relatives and acquaintances
[10] She was taken to the grave here And transportation tombs here
[11] I 12 666 Elul. Twelfth day of Elul challenges to
[12] (Be involved ÖGE) I (hre) S (Eele) m i (m Confederation) d (it lives). Tntzbh


Line 5: As an aside it is noted: Interesting the spelling of the FF im Namen “Machlup”. Hier mit normalem פ, das anzeigt, dass nicht “Machluf” gelesen werden darf, sondern “Machlup”, bei ihrem Ehemann Eduard Machlup and other relatives but with final Pe ף.

Zum Familiennamen “Machlup” siehe v.a. Wachstein example, the inscriptions of the Old Jewish cemetery in Vienna, the second part of 1696 to 1783, sources on the history of Jews in German-Austria, ed. from Historic Commission of the Jewish Community in Vienna, IV, Vienna 1912, 446, n. 2, and 510 and 1123 (Machelupp, Michelup, Michlup), wo auf die Konskriptionsliste aus dem Jahr 1836 in Eisenstadt hingewiesen wird (“Conscription der hochfürstlich Esterházyschen Schutz-Juden in der Gemeinde Eisenstadt, Herrschaft Eisenstadt, vom Jahre 1836”, in: Markbreiter M., contributions to the history of the Jewish community Eisenstadt, Vienna 1908, page 75).

Line 8: To my son and Daughters missing from the inscription obviously an apostrophe, who called the complement of enclitic personal pronoun of the third f ה “ihre” anzeigen sollte.

biographical notes

Theresia / Therese / Resi / Rosi Machlup-Spitzer, Widow Private born, in Güns, d. 69 years on August 30, 1906 at 11:30 am to degeneration of the abdominal organs in Vienna, transferred on 01 September 1906 to Eisenstadt and was buried there on 02 September at 10.30 am

Matriken Tod Theresia Machlup, geb. Spitzer

Register books death Theresia Machlup born, Spitzer, entry Eisenstadt

Matriken Tod Theresia Machlup, geb. Spitzer

Register books death Theresia Machlup born, Spitzer, entry Vienna

Sterbeanzeige Therese Machlup

Obituary Therese Machlup, Neue Freie Presse, September 01, 1906 Page 19

Father: Josef Spitzer
Mother: Catherine (Spitzer)

Husband: Aduard (alias) Nachlup / Naclup, D. October 13, 1892, go. December 22, 1860 in Sopron / Sopron. Elias was at the wedding 28 years, Resi 20 years old.

Matriken Hochzeit Elias Machlup und Resi Spitzer, 22. Dezember 1860 in Ödenburg/Sopron

Register books Wedding Elias Machlup and Resi Spitzer, December 22, 1860 Sopron / Sopron

Laura Machlup, Born 1864? most likely in Sopron / Oedenburg (no entry in the Geburtsmatriken Eisenstadt as Jacob Machlup, su or the marriage of the parents, see above), go in 1884 in Eisenstadt. Jacob Hacker, Son of Israel hackers and the Johanna (Hacker), Born in Kobersdorf, wh .: Gainfarn 67. Jacob, Laura was 20 years old at the wedding for 29 years.

Matriken Hochzeit Laura Machlup und Jakob Hacker

Register books Wedding Laura Machlup and Jacob Hacker

Mina / Hermine / Malvinas Machalup, Born October 23, 1879 in Eisenstadt, go. June 22, 1901 in Eisenstadt Art (h) ur smoke mountain, Businessman born in Vienna, 04 January 1872 in Vienna, son of Sigmund smoke mountain, Businessman in Vienna, and the Hermine Speiser, Wien

Matriken Geburt Mina Machlup

Parish registers birth Mina Machlup

Matriken Geburt Arthur (Abraham, genannt Wolf) Rauchberg

Parish registers birth Arthur (Abraham called Wolf) Smoke Mountain

  • Matriken Hochzeit Hermine Machlup und Artur Rauchberg

    Wedding Hermione Machlup
    and Artur smoke mountain

  • Matriken Hochzeit Hermine Machlup und Artur Rauchberg

    Wedding Hermione Machlup
    and Artur smoke mountain

Johanna Machalup?, geb. 28. Mai 1876 in Eisenstadt. Fraglich, weil Mutter “Resi Pollak”!

Matriken Geburt Johanna Machalup

Parish registers birth Johanna Machalup


Berthold Machlup / Machalup, Kommerzialrat & in the Timmerdorfer pulp and Pappenfarbrik Emerich Kren Co., President of the Austrian Association of cardboard, vice president of the Employers Association of the Paper Industry etc., born 08 March 1862 in Sopron / Sopron 47, go. August 21, 1892 in the house of prayer Seitenstettengasse, Vienna I, Cäcilie / Cecile Haymann, Daughter of Moriz Haymann, Merchant, and the Anni Bachrich, Wien.
Berthold Machlup, d. January 31, 1922 in Vienna, buried on 02 February 1922 at the Central Cemetery Vienna

Matriken Geburt Berthold Machalup

Parish registers birth Berthold Machalup

Matriken Hochzeit Berthold Machlup und Cäcilie Haymann

Parish registers wedding Berthold Machlup and Cecilia Haymann

Sterbeanzeige Berthold Machlup, Familie

Obituary Berthold Machlup, Family, Neue Freie Presse, 01 February 1922 Page 13

Sterbeanzeige Berthold Machlup, Firma

Obituary Berthold Machlup, company, Neue Freie Presse, 01 February 1922 Page 13

Jacob / Gyula / Julius Machlup, Born dealer, 02 April 1863 in Sopron 47, go. June 21, 1892 in Eisenstadt Sara Steinhardt, Born in Unterberg-Eisenstadt, wh .: Eisenstadt, daughter of Jacob Steinhardt and the Johanna (Steinhardt), Gyula was 23 years old at the wedding 29 years, Sara.

Matriken Geburt Jakob Machlup

Parish registers birth Jakob Machlup

Matriken Hochzeit Gyula Machlup und Sara Steinhardt

Parish registers wedding Gyula Machlup and Sara Steinhardt

Leopold (Jude called Loeb) Machlup, Born February 03, 1866 in Eisenstadt, Mayerhof 131, d. May 13, 1914

Samuel Machlup, b October 10, 1867 in Eisenstadt 129

Matriken Geburt Samuel Machlup

Parish registers birth Samuel Machlup

Jonas Machalup, Born September 16, 1869, d. 1917 in Vienna, go. September 15, 1897 in Csongrád (Csongrád, Hungary) Rosalia Reisz, Born December 18, 1879 in Csány, daughter of James Reisz and the Regina Black (Wedding ceremony in Geburtsmatriken with son Adolf, Su, registered).
Adolf, Born 26 June 1911 in Vienna (see below Geburtsmatriken), jewelry, married, emigrated in 1938 to Quito, Ecuador and traveled into Brazil on 10 January 1946th Adolfo Machlup has acquired with effect from August 11, 1994, living in Sao Paolo, Austrian citizenship.

Matriken Geburt Jonas Machalup

Parish registers birth Jonas Machalup

Matriken Geburt Adolf Machlup

Parish registers birth Adolf Machlup, son of Jonas Machlup

Brasilianischer Ausweis für Adolfo Machlup

Brazilian card for Adolfo Machlup

Adolfa (Abraham) Nachlup / Naclup, Born June 03, 1871 in Eisenstadt, d. 04 April 1887 in Oberberg-Eisenstadt 128

Matriken Geburt Adolf (Abraham) Machlup

Parish registers birth Adolf (Abraham) Machlup

Matriken Tod Adolf Machalup

Matriken Tod Adolf Machalup

Alexander / Sandor Machlup / Machalup, Born accountant, January 11, 1873 in Eisenstadt, wh .: Vienna, d. 09 April 1902 at 02:30 at night (suicide by hanging), buried 11 April 1902 at the Central Cemetery, Vienna

Matriken Geburt Sandor Machalup

Parish registers birth Sandor Machalup

Matriken Tod Alexander Machlup

Register books death Alexander Machlup

Isidor / Israel Machlup / Machalup, Born 03 November 1877 in Unterberg-Eisenstadt

Matriken Geburt Israel Machalup

Parish registers of birth Israel Machalup

Material and dimensions of the grave stone

Syenit, 178/67/37

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