The second part of our little series: from Sad a trip to the Jewish cemeteries in 4 cities in Friuli and two former Italian cities that now are in Croatia.
After Fiume / Rijeka we travel today to the nearby Abbazia / Opatija, where the small Jewish cemetery is also located on the premises of the municipal cemetery (separated by a gate).

Abbazia, a city with unique associations: sun, sea and especially treatment.

The world renown owes Opatija Viennese physician Julius Glax, The director of the municipal Kurkommission. His
Anwendungen an der “Austrian Riviera” waren so berühmt, dass auch Sigmund Freud seinen Patienten riet:
“Fahren Sie zum Kuren nach Opatija!”

Just around the corner, in: Der Spiegel, 09. 07. 2007

The list of prominent spa guests and personalities in Abbazia is long: Emperor Franz Joseph and his Sisi dismounted at the Hotel Imperial and met Kaiser Wilhelm II. Leo Sternbach, Son of a Jewish-Galician pharmacist and a Jewish Hungarian and best known for the invention of Valium, was born in 1908 in Abbazia, and Theodor Billroth starb 1894 Abbey.

Peter Nadas wrote in his Parallel Stories:

I swam in the Mediterranean Sea, the North Sea, in the Adriatic, Abbazia was our regular place.

Peter Nadas, Parallelgeschichten, Hamburg 2012, 360

At the Jewish cemetery in Abbazia / Opatija, we also find the graves of Ignaz Reed and his wife Teresa Schoszberger sowie jene von Ignaz Nádas’ Tochter Rosa, die als “Natan” geboren wird, und ihrem Ehemann Bernard Nathan. Die Nádas kamen aus Ungarn, ursprünglich freilich aus Österreich, und hatten – wie auch die Vorfahren von Péter Nádas – ihren Namen “Neumayer” magyarisiert. Dem Geschäftsmann Bernard Nathan, der 1968 in Abbazia starb, verdanken wir viele Einblicke in die jüdische Geschichte der Stadt. Er war auch, nach seiner Rückkehr in die Stadt, der Initiator des HolocaustdenkmalsWhich was unveiled on 01 May 1955th

See in particular Péter Nádas, flashing details. Memoirs of a narrator, 2017 (s. Review in the NZZ), Where the author writes in detail about his family and their home, although not mentioned in Nadas Abbazia.

Or the grave of Antonie Breiner, die nach dem Tod ihres Ehemanns Sigmund Breiner 1898 die Führung der beiden Hotels in Abbazia sowie die Leitung des Familienhotels in Bad Gleichenberg in der Steiermark übernahm. Alle Hotels existieren auch heute noch, mit der jüdischen Geschichte der Häuser wird ganz verschieden umgegangen… Sigmund Breiner, der am 27. Oktober 1840 in Deutschkreutz (s. Geburtsindex Deutschkreutz) geboren wurde (Vater: Sallomon Breiner, Mutter: Hany), ist am Zentralfriedhof in Wien begraben, Ehefrau Antonie in Abbazia.

Either Emilie GlässnerWho was born in 1863 in Vienna, in 1886 Wien marries and brings her three sons to the world in Vienna, as well as Alfred LöwyWho changed his name to Lenauer, married in Vienna and also gets two children in Vienna, died in Abbazia / Opatija are buried at the Jewish cemetery.

The president and later honorary president of the Jewish Community Abbazia / Opatija, Sigmund short, Married in 1869 Wien, There is also son Jacob short, later doctor in Abbazia / Opatija, on the world. Both Sigmund short, dying in 1929 at 90 years old, and his son Dr. Jakob Samuel Kurz, D. 1939, are in the Jewish cemetery in Abbazia / Opatija buried. Note As an aside: In the Hebrew grave inscription of Sigmund short, we find a very interesting formulation ...

The list of (obvious) relations with Austria could go on for long.

We brought photos of 44 grave stones of the Jewish cemetery in Abbazia / Opatija again transcribed all the inscriptions in Hebrew, translated and read out the Synagogalnamen and death dates. As in Fiume we got here this fact that a correct date of death, often for the first time the name of the deceased, as (in the existing publicationshere and here) To the Jewish cemetery Abbazia / Opatija, the Hebrew inscriptions were consistently ignored, the copies are generally incomplete and unfortunately often erroneous.
Again, it concerns us primarily is not to forget the names and people behind these names.

This is also the reason that we are all names on the Holocaustdenkmal included in our people register; the 64 names of deceased in Abbazia / Opatija Jews were supplemented with the name of 52-Shoa victims, including 4-year-old children and 90-year old men.

Join us to explore the Jewish cemetery of Abbazia / Opatija and write - this time - with us a little bit of Jewish history Eisenstadt continues:

Even the prominent Jewish Wine merchant family Wolf stayed for curative treatments in Abbazia. About Leopold Wolf, Firmenvorstand der Weingroßhandlung “Leopold Wolf’s Söhne”, und seine Mrs. Ottilie Laschober:

Ottilie Laschober und Leopold Wolf in Abbazia, ca. 1915 Foto: E. Jelusich / Quelle: Burgenländisches Landesarchiv, Fotosammlung

Ottilie Laschober and Leopold Wolf in Abbazia, ca. 1915
Foto: E. Jelusich / Quelle: Burgenländisches Landesarchiv, Fotosammlung

And the aunt of Leopold Wolf, Minna Wolf born, gomperzDied in 1905 age of 63 in Abbazia, most likely during their cure, and was transferred to the younger Jewish cemetery to Eisenstadt. Her husband, Adolf Wolf, Incidentally, also died during the treatment, 24 years later, also transferred in Bad Ischl, and was to Eisenstadt. In both Hebrew grave inscriptions the death locations are clearly mentioned.

Sterbeanzeige Minna Wolf 17. November 1905, Neue Freie Presse, 23. November 1905

Obituary Minna Wolf November 17, 1905, Neue Freie Presse, November 23, 1905

Tonight the 14th Adar and in a few hours will begin the celebration of Purim.

We wish all our readers a happy Purim Kosher Melange 5778!

Happy Purim to everyone!