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The Austrian Jewish Museum cordially invites you to the opening of

Special exhibition

Destiny 1938 - Nazi regime in Burgenland

When: Thursday, April 26, 18:00

Where: Landesmuseum Burgenland

Transparent „Juden unerwünscht“ in Hornstein, Fotograf unbekannt, Quelle: Burgenländisches Landesarchiv, Fotosammlung

Transparent "Jews not wanted" in Hornstein, photographer unknown, source: Burgenländisches State Archive, Photo Collection

The exhibition takes place at two locations, in Austrian Jewish Museum in Eisenstadt and in Landesmuseum Burgenland Eisenstadt instead.

Exhibition period: April 27 to 04 November 2018

download invitation (Einladung1938.pdf, 1.06 MB)

opening program

16:00 to 18:00: Pre-Opening: Free visit both venues

at 18:00:

Welcome Dr. Wolfgang Kuzmits, Managing Director | KBB - cultural establishments Burgenland GmbH

Surrounding the Special Mag. Dieter Szorger, Curator

Claudia Prutscher
, Vice President | Jewish Community Vienna

Mag. Hans Peter Doskozil, Kulturlandesrat

Speech Dr. Heinz Fischer, Chairman of the Advisory Board 100 years Republic

Address & Opening Hans Niessl, Governor

Moderation Walter Reiss

Filmausschnitt “Es waren schwere Zeiten”
Walter Reiss | Burgenland talks with contemporary witnesses

Maria Augustin, Innenraum der Gemeindesynagoge von Eisenstadt

Mary Augustine
Interior of the synagogue community of Eisenstadt

We are very pleased to be able to show you the original documents of the Jewish Central Archives has never publicly shown in our house. In addition, you allow a digital reconstruction of a virtual tour of Burgenland destroyed synagogues. Insights into Jewish life worlds until the expulsion in early 1938 offer on the one hand works Burgenland artists, on the other hand, interviews and biographies of Burgenland Jews that can be accessed regionally customized to PC video stations.

As Nazi Governor Dr. Tobias Portschy called on April 2, 1938 in Burgenland next to the> agricultural reform 'and' to solve the 'Gypsy question the "Jewish question" with Nazi consequence, this meant the end of a three hundred year continuous Jewish history of this most recent state of Austria.
Die burgenländischen Juden waren 1938 die ersten Juden in Österreich, die von den Ausweisungsbefehlen der Nazis betroffen waren. Schon wenige Tage nach dem “Anschluss” im März 1938 begann die systematische Ausweisung der Juden aus ihren Gemeinden. Am 1. November 1938 meldete die Presse, dass

... no longer exist all religious communities of Burgenland.

Oskar Schiller, Born August 11, 1918, is one of the few Jews who to Burgenland, notably to Eisenstadt, returned after 1945; he lived until his death on 17 February 2005 with his family there.
He is the eldest son of Adalbert and Irma Schiller that were like his sister Wilma and his brother Fritz murdered in the Shoah.

Mr. Schiller came every year in the days around Yom Kippur in the synagogue to ignite this year the light of his family.

This year the light of the Schiller family - translation:

Year light Schiller family: Line righteous transcription and translation
[1] memorial light Memorial candle
[2] for my parents, The souls of my parents
[3] H (err) Benjamin, son of Binyamin Ben
[4] Natan Halevi Nathan Levy
[5] Schiller students
[6] and his wife, their sons And his wife, and their son
[7] and her daughters, And daughter
[8] who perished in the Shoah. Holocaust victims