The Austrian Jewish Museum cordially invites you to

Commemoration at Jahrzeittag by Rabbi Meir Eisenstadt

and opening the

Exhibition of paintings by the Jewish artist

Alexander Aizenshtat

When: Sunday, June 10, 2018

Where: Senior Jewish cemetery in Eisenstadt Austrian Jewish Museum


16:00Meet at the old Jewish cemetery in Eisenstadt (Please bring men headgear)
Speeches of the guests of honor, unveiling of the renovated grave stone and Kaddish in memory of Rabbi Meir Eisenstadt

17:00 o'clockMeeting in the Jewish Museum with prayer in the synagogue

18:00Opening of the exhibition by LAg. Mayor. Mag. Thomas Steiner, Mayor of Eisenstadt
To the exposition: Irina Alexandrowna Antonowa, Long-term director and since 2013 President of the Pushkin Museum in Moscow

Then small buffet.

Alexander Aizenshtat

Exhibition period: June 11 - June 24, 2018

Rabbi Meir Eisenstadt – MaHaRaM A”SCH

Rabbi Meir Eisenstadt is considered one of the greatest scholars and rabbis of his time. His legacy gained enormous popularity in the Jewish world, his works are studied in religious educational institutions today.
Sein Grab auf dem älteren jüdischen Friedhof ist noch heute – vor allem in diesen Tagen, zu seiner “Jahrzeit” – das Ziel von orthodoxen Juden aus aller Welt, die das Gedächtnis an diesen großen Lehrer aufrechterhalten.

Rabbi Meir made his entry in Eisenstadt on Friday, December 3, 1717th In the original document we read:

לזכרון יום ביאת הרב המאור הגדול אב”ד דקהלתינו לכאן יום ו” ער”ח טבת שנת תע”ח לפ”ק
To commemorate the day when the rabbi, the great light, the chairman of the Court of our community came here on Friday, the eve of the (first) new moon day Tevet, the year 478 after the small era.

Rabbi Meir therefore came under Jewish date exactly 300 years (this year we have the year 778), on 5 Chanukkatag, according to Eisenstadt.
He died on Sunday, the 27th of Sivan of the year 504 (= 07 June 1744), this year his Jahrzeittag falls on Sunday, June 10!. Den Namen “seiner Stadt” – Eisenstadt – erhielt er posthum.

In our blog you will find both a detailed article about Rabbi Meir Eisenstadt and a Photo of his (non-renovated) grave stone, transcription and translation of its Hebrew grave inscription as well as many biographical notes (Kinder etc.).