With a review of the overall / bedenkjahr a happy Hanukkah 2018 and an outlook we wish all readers
Happy Chanukka - happy hanucah
and now our Christian readers
a Merry Christmas and to all a Happy New Year!

Status quo, many facts, many hypotheses

80 years ago, in November 1938, there was no Jewish communities, no more Jews in Burgenland. In 1938, the final out of centuries of unique European Jewish history and Jewish history meant in our region.

In our Newsletter of February 2018 we announced reproduce their names and especially their history, especially in this anniversary year the Jews of Eisenstadt.
The balance sheet, which we want to draw is mixed.

What is certain is pleasing that we have succeeded, both Jewish cemeteries Eisenstadt, the world-famous older Jewish cemetery and the younger Jewish cemeteryTo digital fully grasp (a total of 1,358 grave stones and 1,375 people) and provided with call numbers and QR codes on site. Everyone in Eisenstadt Buried can thus be safely found immediately.

Especially the younger Jewish cemetery but presented us with unexpected challenges. at the cemetery absent (physically) about 150 grave stonesThey were probably stolen in 1945, only the base are evidence of their former existence.

The younger Jewish cemetery was established in 1875, are on it today 287 Grave stones.

The death books of Eisenstadt have for the period November 1874 (the last burial at the cemetery older took place on October 28, 1874 instead) until 1938, however, 801 entries on.

Just 126 grave stones or people at younger cemetery can be assigned during this period Matrikeneinträgen! The other grave stones (of 287) are mass graves, after 1945 Buried or Jewish / Jews who died in other places and were transferred to Eisenstadt, are certainly not registered in the death register Eisenstadt.

At the younger Jewish cemetery were to 1938 or about 430 grave stones (About 150 and 280 existing today missing, the first series of 7 grave stone was applied to 1945).

we assume that the missing 150 grave stones were Jews who are registered in the death register Eisenstadt (801 entries of Jews who may be buried in Eisenstadt and 126 grave stones we can assign these entries) missing about 525 grave stones. Were among the missing demonstrably 150 grave stones are those of Jews who were transferred, etc., and not registered in the death register, absence - theoretically - at least 525, in the worst case but 675 grave stones.

But as de facto the younger Jewish cemetery certainly not 525 still missing 675 grave stones, is unfortunately much uncertainty where these people were buried for us. In the death books of Eisenstadt is no reference to the burial, funeral books are missing entirely.


Since we neither know how many Jews / Jews were actually buried by the 801 entries in the death books of the Jewish cemetery in Eisenstadt, nor how many Jews / Jews the 801 Matrikeneinträgen can be assigned from 150 physically missing grave stones, many remain uncertainties.
It is sad that we do not know of at least 525 Jews from Eisenstadt, where they are buried, do not know their history.

Much remains to be done ... commemorative year 2018ff.


Unfortunately, we can not submit or latkes for Hanukkah donuts online, but have in time for the three new Matrikenindizes of Schlaining / Oberwartput online:

Birth Index Schlaining / Oberwart 1841 - 1917

Marriage Index Schlaining / Oberwart 1851 - 1918

Death Index Schlaining / Oberwart 1841 - 1920