Please also see the 2019 article created around the Jewish cemetery in Kobersdorf:

The Jewish cemetery Kober village is probably one of the most impressive and "most beautiful" Jewish cemeteries in Austria. A forest cemetery today about 650 grave stones, who like all the Jewish cemeteries in Burgenland, only Hebrew grave inscriptions.

Originally, about 1,400 grave stones were at the cemetery.
How nice elsewhere noted flowed 2014-2016 in the maintenance of the Jewish cemetery Kobersdorf (gardening works, tree care measures, stonework and a static secure the grave stones) solely by cemetery fund 445.000 Euro.

There is much new to the cemetery. (Unfortunately, so that you can no longer read the inscriptions) the inscriptions are easier to read in part because they were freed from the Ivy, "lying around" grave stones were bundled aufgeschlichtet on the front churchyard wall. The grave stones were assigned numbers, but numbers are missing on smaller fragments were also brought from their original location to the front churchyard wall. And among these "number less" fragments is also the very important grave stone fragment of the only historical Genisagrabes in Austria from April 20, 1938 !. I discovered it in late October 2019 the story behind it is a very dramatic and sad, for the last rabbi of Kobersdorf, Simon Goldberger, was kidnapped on that day by the Nazis to the Hungarian border and severely abused. See also the blog article "Rabbi Simon Goldberger„.

To date, a documentation of the Jewish cemetery is missing. It must urgently photographed all grave stones transcribes the Hebrew inscriptions and are translated as possible. Mainly because the inscriptions, as elsewhere, are increasingly more difficult to read and otherwise we will soon no longer know who is buried in the cemetery. It is particularly important that the public documentation is made available. People have to know the graves of their ancestors and to find the cemetery the right.

Not only because it is already high time, but also because we have a little surprise were mainly requests to the Jewish cemetery Kober village in 2019, we start with today, of course here publicly accessible project "full documentation of the Jewish cemetery Kober village". As always, without any additional funding ...

Please also see the 2019 article created around the Jewish cemetery in Kobersdorf:

John Reiss, written on 19 December 2019