the project

Das Projekt “Jüdischer Friedhof Währing” (Beginn Juni 2019) hat als Ziel, möglichst viele der mehrere tausend Grabsteine, insbesondere solche mit hebräischer Grabinschrift, online zu stellen. Die Inschriften werden zeilengerecht ausgelesen und möglichst übersetzt.

How did the project, please read our introductory blog post “Zwischen Park, Vogelschutzgebiet und einem ‘Haus der Ewigkeit'”.

We can draw on three main sources for this work:

  1. the transcripts of about 9,500 grave inscriptions with the corrections and additions of
  2. Dr. Pinkas Heinrich

  3. the 29,000 of Traude Triebel 2,012 indexed Entries on the death books Währing
  4. and of course the Matrikenblätter itself.

  5. the grave stones at the Jewish cemetery Währing. In particular, we are working closely with Mag. Wolf-Erich Eckstein, who tried locally to cover all grave stones and accurately assign


are provided as images online

  • the photo of the grave stone
  • The present ourselves as a scan-made by employees of the Jewish Community of Vienna around 1900 copies with the corrections and additions of Dr. Pinkas Heinrich
  • possible the relevant section of the register books.

The project focuses on grave stones with Hebrew inscriptions. German inscriptions and inscription parts are usually only considered in transcription when they are necessary either for the understanding of the context or if they no longer today (good) are readable. In the latter case, they are due transcription of Dr. Heinrich grudge.

Project start: Shavuot 5779 / beginning of June of 2019.

Jüdischer Friedhof Währing

Jewish cemetery in Währing

Written by Johannes Reiss Beginning June 2019