Gate to the Jewish cemetery on the outskirts of the municipal cemetery in Abbazia / Opatija

After 1892, Abbazia / Opatija than could develop from a relatively insignificant coastal settlement into a fashionable health and spa resort in, there was also an increased settlement of Jews in the city.
Overall, the hotel Breiner for Jewish guests was attractive because it was cooked just there to the Kaschrutregeln.

Until the late 19th century, the Jewish community buried their dead in the Christian cemetery. Due to growing number of members (about 70 Jews) was now requires not only its own area, but it had become necessary considerable adaptations to the synagogue and the Jewish community life. Especially due to the large number of Jewish spa guests.

Bernard Nathan negotiated starting from 1905 with the Mayor of Abbazia on the establishment of a Jewish cemetery. The 3,000-m2Face was on the verge of the town cemetery and was in a state of disrepair (stone walls, etc.). So it was not until 1912 that the first burial could take place.

Bernard Nathan was also the initiator of the HolocaustdenkmalsWhich was built with the remains of the destroyed Toraschreins the synagogue and solemnly unveiled on 01 May 1955th

On the Site of the Jewish cemetery of Opatija You will find most of the names of those buried, (unfortunately very small and blurry) photos of the grave stones, some videos about the Jewish history of the city and a brief information about the history of the cemetery.
The many Hebrew inscriptions were not included in Fiume also why virtually remained open all Hebrew names and many death dates. In addition, there are also many Abschreibefehler, draw the wrong dating or false names for themselves.
With grave stones which were not included in the database of this website, we have made a corresponding note.

Auf der Website des Bet Hatefuzot “Ebrei a Fiume e Abbazia” finden Sie die History of Jewish communities Fiume and Abbazia 1915-1945An unfortunately very incomplete List of names of the Jewish cemetery of Abbazia / Opatija buried as biographical notes on a small number of Jewish families from Abbazia / Opatija.
Again, the Hebrew grave inscriptions were not considered.

We brought photos of 44 grave stones of the Jewish cemetery in Abbazia / Opatija in the new category “Mitbringsel / Souvenirs” published.
Altogether there are 90 grave sites at the cemetery, which at the very least four grave stones with illegible inscription and 8 sunk in the ground. The remaining grave stones we not online for legal reasons, as they have a newer date of death.

We have also re-transcribed all the inscriptions in Hebrew, translated and read Synagogalnamen and death dates. In almost all cases, we received this fact that a correct date of death (all transcriptions and translations, and the data collected from them are first publications).