First documentary evidence of a Jewish settlement Karmacs date from the mid-18th century, in 1870 lived 83 Jews, about 8% of the population in the town. The synagogue of the Jews from Karmacs was in 12 km from Keszthely.

In April 1944, 17 Jews were counted on the deportation list to Zalaegerszeg there are 14 Jews from Karmacs deported from Zalaegerszeg with other 2,900 Jews on 05 July 1944 to Auschwitz and murdered.
Their names are:

  1. Lajosné (Rose) Rein, geb. 1898 (Shoah victims)
  2. Little Red Riding Hood Rein geb. 1928 (Shoah victims)
  3. Bela Rein geb. 1933 (Kind! Shoah victims)
  4. Gyula pure born, 1944 (child! Shoah victims, Son of Lajos Rozsa and clean)
  5. Hugh Rosenberg, geb. 1881 (Shoah victims)
  6. Imre Stroch, geb. 1896 (Shoah victims)
  7. Imréné Stroch, geb. 1914 (Shoah victims, Wife of Imre Stroch)
  8. Elizabeth Stroch, geb. 1943 (Kind! Shoah victims, Daughter of Imre Stroch)
  9. József Stroch, geb. 1906 (Shoah victims)
  10. Laszlo Stroch, geb. 1927 (Shoah victims)
  11. Elijah Weisz, geb. 1900 (Shoah victims)
  12. Illésné Weisz, geb. 1900 (Shoah victims)
  13. Dezso Weisz, geb. 1933 (Kind! Shoah victims, Sohn von Elias Weisz)
  14. József Stroch born, 1936 (child! Shoah victims, Son of Imre Stroch)

For many years was the Jewish cemetery of Karmacs unnoticed and completely overgrown with vegetation almost until it was largely renovated in November 2012 found.
But read the story of the Jewish cemetery, even in our introductory blog post, because Hedda Pflagner has five times visited the cemetery from 2007 to 2018 and their very personal story wrote ...

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